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My Trip to Jordan (in GIFs!)

Hey guys, I’m back in the States!  I can say douchy things like “the States” now because I’m a schmancy world traveler. Try not to be intimidated by my cultured-ness.

You guys know the reason we went to Jordan was a sad one, but let’s keep things positive and talk about the fun/weird/random parts of our trip instead. And let’s do it with GIFs!

Note: Obviously, this is meant to be snarky. I loved Jordan!

I tried airplane food for the first time. It was not pleasant.

I got way too excited when one of the seven Arabic words I actually know came up in conversation.

But mostly, I heard words I don’t know and attempted to use context to figure out what was going on.

People blatantly stared at me wherever I went.

I’m actually not this cocky. Besides, they looked at me like one would look at a giraffe walking down the street.

I had to listen to a lot of long conversations in Arabic and I had no idea what was going on.

The driving is insane there. Seriously, it’s like a country full of Arabic Cruella Devilles.

I saw Steve with children for the first time when he was playing with our cute nieces and nephew.

But said nieces and nephew turned out to be both cute AND loud.

A Saudi Arabian woman visited the house and said mean things about me to Steve’s family because I’m an American (and all American women leave their husbands after three years, apparently), and I’m not Muslim (so I am clearly going to hell).

Every vendor gave me huge samples of ALL THE FOODS!

We used connections so I only had to pay the Jordanian rates for sites, not the tourist rates. I felt like I was in the Mafia.

Falafel is great the first time you have it in Jordan…

…and the tenth time.

Because falafel’s awesome, you guys.

Every single house in Jordan is freezing and no one seemed to notice but me.

I got food poisoning from $3 street chicken and then Steve’s friends tried to get me to eat fish with the heads still on them.

We hit up the Petra Treasury…

…and scary Petra children tried to put things in my pockets.

We did a 30k bike ride along the Dead Sea. The downhill parts…

…were more enjoyable than the uphill parts.

Jordan doesn’t have Netflix or Hulu. I’m pretty sure this is what is keeping it at third world status.

Overall, I had an amazing time filled with great food, great people, and great weather. I can’t wait to go back!

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Check out my pictures from the trip on Instagram!

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