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Review of Levi’s Stadium Section 120 Row 7 Seats at a 49ers Game

I went with a few buddies to the 49ers game at Levi’s stadium and checked out these lower bowl seats in Section 120, Row 7.

The word that comes to mind to describe the seats: incredible.

Also:  expensive.  If you’re looking to save money on your Niners game day experience, these are not the right seats for you.  Generally going to 49ers games is not a cheap hobby to begin with.

We were right on the action in these seats. We could observe things in the game that you just can’t see on a tv screen.

Our day started with a tailgate in the green lot before the game. My buddy makes some killer barbecue.

There was an issue with the bathroom facilities in the green lot. There were only 5 toilets for our entire side of the lot. People were literally squirming in line because there just weren’t enough toilets to accommodate the needs of all these tailgaters. But otherwise, the tailgating experience was great and the people were awesome.

Going through the concourse to get to our seats was quite busy, but I was ok with it because I love all that excited energy when I’m at a football game.

As far as the seats themselves, we were right at the 5-yard line or so. This put us in a position where if the ball was on our side of the field, we had some killer perspectives that tv cameras often don’t catch.

Check out that view we had of a guy getting tackled. It’s definitely fun to see a hard tackle on TV, but it’s a different experience to see it live right in front of you.

And here’s where the Chiefs had just handed it off and we can see the line of scrimmage perfectly. We were basically close enough to see a lot of detail, and yet it was at an angle you don’t typically see on TV. So that made it a unique experience.

As you can see from that picture, we had a great view of the cheerleaders. It’s like they were cheering just for us the whole game. We were close enough that we were able to make eye contact with them. Not everyone focuses on the cheerleader aspect of the football experience, so it might be helpful to be aware that the cheerleaders are a central part of the viewing experience from these seats, for better or worse depending on your preferences.

Overall, I’d take these seats again in a heartbeat. It was probably the best live NFL experience I’ve ever had. The seats were not cheap, but they were worth every penny in my opinion.

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