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5 Frugal Living Meetups You Should Attend in New York

Did you know that an average New Yorker spent an average of $70,875 per year in 2017–18?

According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person living in New York spends about $10,000 more, per year, than someone staying in other cities in the United States. Knowing that you are interested in frugal living meetups in New York City, it would be safe to assume that your yearly expenses are also somewhere close to what the U.S. Bureau of Labor has reported.

The number was reported just a year ago, so the amount is likely the same or greater in 2019. Furthermore, housing was the largest expenditure category for New York-area households. People in this city spend about $27,626 merely on rent or mortgage (not to mention the maintenance and repair costs).

This post is intended to get you in touch with other frugal living wannabes who also wish to cut down their expenses.

Here Are the 5 Frugal Living Meetups You Should Attend in New York

1) Free+Cheap NYC!

The organizer of Free+Cheap NYC, Julia P believes that “the best things in life are FREE (or cheap or provide great value)!“. This is why she has dedicated this group for those who wish to go out on weekends without having to worry about the expenses. She along with other frugal living practitioners go out each weekend to watch cheaply priced movies, eat affordable food and attend free courses.

2) Thriftaholics

Do you wish to visit thrift stores located within New York City? Now you don’t have to feel embarrassed or alone while walking into a thrift store like Goodwill. The four organizers of this group will help you find like-minded friends to thrift-shop with.

3) Gainfully Unemployed

Losing your job while living in a city where the average yearly expenses are about $70,875 can be tough. It can also bring you to the brink of becoming homeless. Gainfully Unemployed is a meetup group for those going through a tough time. They help people out via free counseling, teaching them to resume building skills, and most importantly, extending emotional support.

4) NYC Authentic Eats Meetup

NYC Authentic Eats is not a typical frugal living meetup group. I have added this group to this list for the benefit of those who like to eat out but don’t know where to go or don’t have anyone to go out with. They mostly visit affordable restaurants in NYC.

5) Frugal Fun Finders

Frugal Fun Finders is another group that is dedicated to going out without breaking the bank. As the name suggests, the organizer of this group focuses on finding creative and unique ways to spend a weekend. You will be surprised to learn that it is possible to visit art galleries, watch movies, eat out and enjoy the nightlife without spending a fortune.


I hope the frugal living meetup groups mentioned in this post will help you find other people who share the same interests as you. The frugal living community is growing. This is the best time to connect with everyone.

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