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The Best SEO Experts – Based on Personal Experience

If you’re searching for the best SEO experts, it means you want to find the people who are the cream of the crop at SEO. You’re not looking for a standard SEO service (which there seem to be millions of). You want the very best.

And that makes sense.  There’s a lot of evidence that launching an effective SEO strategy can have a profound effect for online businesses.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the effort of getting a website to show up at the top Google’s search results for terms that are relevant to the website.

In this article, our main criteria for choosing the best SEO experts is identifying those who have the strongest track record of SEO success. To us, that is ultimately the best gauge of SEO expertise.

We also want to feature experts who focus exclusively on SEO. We’ve seen so many people who claim to be good at just about all forms of online marketing including SEO, but to our minds that means their focus might be diluted. So our list features experts who focus on only one thing: SEO.

So without further ado, here is our list of the best SEO experts of 2022:

1. SEO Dude

This “dude” definitely knows his SEO. Eric Ferguson is the SEO Dude, and by using SEO alone he generated more than $10 million of sales for his auto parts website. That definitely qualifies him as one of the best SEO experts in our book.

He offers two services at SEO Dude:

The first is SEO training. This is where he trains you how to do SEO for your website on your own.

What’s awesome about this is that it’s not just generic training like so many other SEO courses offer. He literally shows the exact steps he took for his own auto parts website to achieve SEO success. It’s not just theory; it’s actual real world examples.

That is a major way that his SEO training service is differentiated from others. It’s rare that you get to go inside the lab of an SEO expert and see all the same things they see from their own control panel. And you know these methods work because he has the proof of how much money they made him.

He charges $49 per month for the SEO training service. He shares all his knowledge through a series of tutorials and videos. All subscribers get included in Customer Spotlight directory too, which is a nice bonus.

The second service he offers is full service SEO. If you don’t want to spend the time and effort carrying out his strategies for your own site, then you can just pay him to do the SEO work for you.

The full service package isn’t cheap. But getting full service SEO from one of the best SEO experts is rightfully going to require a serious investment. And besides, if he was able to generate more than $10 million for his own website, then it might be worth every penny to have him try to do the same for yours.

One thing we like about Eric is that he’s honest and authentic. He doesn’t make outrageous claims about what your website will accomplish with his help. He sticks to the facts, which is what we want when working with an SEO expert.


2. The Hoth

Even though their mascot gives off angry vibes, don’t be scared. You can take it to mean that these guys are serious about their SEO.

These guys definitely have a track record of SEO success. They have tons of case studies showing exactly how their SEO efforts have amplified their clients’ economic success. So that meets one of our criteria of SEO expertise.

But beyond that, you can tell from blog posts they’ve written that they are true SEO experts.

Check out this article they wrote about Nerd Wallet and the SEO strategies they employed to become a $500 million behemoth. They break down Nerd Wallet’s strategy tick by tick in fine detail, providing meaningful and actionable insights. These are the exact types of experts we’d want on our side to get help with an SEO effort.

The Hoth has a pretty flexible pricing arrangement. You can indicate how much you’re willing to spend per month (minimum of $500), and they’ll do SEO work within that budget for you. And if you only need their expertise for help with one particular aspect of SEO, they can definitely do that too.


3. Neil Patel


This guy is one of the most famous names in the world when it comes to SEO.

His website has a domain authority of 90. That alone qualifies him as one of the best seo experts in the world.

Beyond that, he has tremendous accolades. Perhaps his best one is that President Obama included him in his list of top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

To be clear, Neil Patel has spread his wings into a variety of different arenas at this point. His fame has carried him far. But he still offers an SEO consulting service, and getting SEO help from a guy of his caliber could be an incredible opportunity.

That said, one thing we don’t love is that Neil isn’t directly involved with the SEO consulting service. He taught his staff all the principles of SEO, which is great, but it’s still not the same as having the legend’s eyes on your website himself.

Another thing we don’t love is that his site doesn’t share the pricing up front. All quotes are custom quotes. This makes it hard to tell if it would even be worth the time to explore.

But if your objective is to get SEO help from a service that was founded by someone who might be the best SEO expert in the world, then Neil Patel’s service might be what you’re looking for.

Conclusion About SEO Experts

If you want to work with one of the best SEO experts, then you should should be in good hands with any of the above.

SEO Dude might offer the best “behind the scenes” look at truly effective SEO, and you hear it right from the expert himself.

The Hoth is a company that has a clear understanding of what SEO strategies are effective, and you will likely be well cared for if you partake in their offering of SEO expertise.

Neil Patel is an SEO legend, and although Neil himself won’t be working on your SEO, you can bet that he’s trained his staff well at carrying out his SEO strategies.

With any of these three, you should be all set to go with your SEO effort.


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