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Best Stock Trading Courses – Based on Personal Experience

Neither CashBlog nor its writers are financial advisors.  Nothing published on our website is financial advice.  Our articles are strictly educational.

These are our picks for the top stock trading courses:

Benzinga How to Trade Stocks Course is a financial market information website that provides daily financial news and stock market analysis to both professional institutional traders and individual retail investors. Many investors subscribe to its newsfeed as a matter of course. In addition to providing up to the minute stock market news, analysis, and commentary, Benzinga also offers excellent stock trading educational resources, including its course on “How to Trade Stocks”.

The Benzinga stock trading course starts out as basic as you can get: its opening topic is “Why Trade?” The course then goes on to provide a well-rounded education in trading stocks that includes all of the following:

  • Understanding stock price movement
  • How to choose a broker
  • Technical indicators, technical analysis, and charting
  • How to develop a stock trading strategy and a trading plan
  • The psychology of trading

Signing up for Benzinga’s stock trading course comes with access to the Benzinga Pro news streaming platform, which provides a wealth of helpful stock investing tools, including Benzinga’s exclusive stock scanner, daily trading signals, and market sentiment indicators. The Benzinga website also offers a range of free and paid newsletters, webinars, and other educational resources designed to help users learn about trading and investing in the stock market.

The Benzinga course is less comprehensive than some of the other courses reviewed here – but it only costs $47.

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader offers a stock education service.  It’s run by Eric Ferguson.  He shares his live trades with people, but he also has excellent tutorials for beginners.

He teaches the basics, like how to buy stocks and how to get your trading platform set up.  He teaches his trading strategy as well, which might ultimately be the best value aspect of his stock trading course.  His trading strategy is based on years of statistical research.

What we like about his tutorials is that he really gets down to the ground level with his explanations.  If you are advanced already, you might find his tutorials to be a little too explanatory.  But for a beginner, it seems just about perfect.

His specialty is swing trading.  As you learn the information, you get the added bonus that you can see his trades and use those to ensure you understand the methodology.  It makes for a comprehensive educational experience.


Udemy – The Complete Stock Foundation Trading Course

Udemy is a well-known and well-respected education website for learning just about anything. It offers many courses in trading stocks. One of the most comprehensive courses, and one that’s well-suited for beginning stock market investors, is “The Complete Stock Foundation Trading Course”.

Taught by a professional stock trader, the course includes a thorough explanation of the stock market, its history and how it works. It also teaches students technical analysis and fundamental analysis, charting, and the stock metrics that professional investors focus on to help them pick stocks. The course consists of approximately 10 hours of on-demand video, and includes more than 30 stock trading resources that students can download.

Aside from covering the basics of how to use a stock trading app, the key topics that are covered by the Udemy course include

  • Risk Management – How to manage risk on individual trades and for a complete investment portfolio
  • Trading Psychology – Understand how emotions and mental biases cause stock traders to make bad decisions – and how to avoid those mistakes
  • How to Sell Short – All investors understand how to profit from stock prices going up, but professional investors also know how to make money when stock prices are falling
  • How to Choose a Broker – Helpful tips on finding and selecting a stock brokerage firm

This stock market trading course is an excellent starting point for novice traders, but also contains many valuable lessons for more experienced investors. It’s a course that offers a lot of value for its $199 price tag.


Black Box Stocks Bootcamp Class

Black Box Stocks is a website that offers educational services and trading tools for both stock trading and stock option trading. For comprehensive training in trading stocks, ongoing education, and real-time trading assistance, Black Box Stocks offers a highly valuable service.

The Black Box Stocks Bootcamp Class includes access to a daily online trading chat room moderated by an expert trader, live videos and an archive of previously recorded videos, and instruction in multiple trading strategies  – all for less than $100. Even better, students can opt to start out by signing up for a free, three-hour beginner course to get an idea of whether they think they’ll find the full Black Box stock trading course a worthwhile investment of their time and money.

Key elements of the course include the following:

  • Basic stock market terminology such as “gap risk” and market orders
  • Different types of stock trading orders
  • Identifying support and resistance levels
  • How to use the Black Box stock scanner
  • Access to stock trading tools and resources
  • Personalized instruction

The Black Box course, in addition to providing a good stock and stock options trading education, also offers investors complete instruction on how the use Black Box trading system and trading tools. The long list of trading tools provided includes the daily online chat room, proprietary stock scanners, sophisticated charting tools, and multiple trade alerts throughout each trading day.


Swing Trading Club Swing Trading Course

The Swing Trading Club is a service where you can be alerted through their swing trading chat room when trade opportunities come up.  They use a discord server as the chat room.

The Swing Trading Club also has a swing trading course that teaches popular swing trading chart patterns and indicators.  It’s a nice complement to the chat room trade alerts.

It’s probably the least extensive course on this list, but it’s one that teaches almost all the popular swing trading patterns.  So it’s a good place to start if you are interested in swing trading.  And last we checked, the first month is free, so there’s no risk in checking it out.


Top Dog Trading System Course 1

Top Dog Trading is a website that offers trading education, courses, and coaching services to traders interested in trading stocks, futures, or the forex market. A major advantage offered by Top Dog Trading is that it offers its own proprietary technical indicators and methodology for trading.

Top Dog provides a variety of educational resources, including videos, articles, and webinars, as well as trading tools and indicators. It offers a range of trading courses, from beginner to very advanced, that cover a multitude of topics, such as day trading, swing trading, and Fibonacci trading, along with a full separate course in candlestick charting.

The main focus of the Top Dog courses is teaching students Top Dog’s own trading system. The first course that Top Dog offers is the “Top Dog Trading System Course 1: Cycles and Trends”. It’s advertised as teaching investors “how to time the market with Swiss Clock precision”, with crystal-clear trade entry and exit prices. The course gives students the basics of Top Dog’s trading method, and is designed to provide a solid foundation for all the other courses available at Top Dog.

Course prices range from $495 for the Trading System Course 1 to $995 for Top Dog’s Advanced Course.

Bonus Best Stock Trading Course Website: is a website that was created by two professional market traders to, as they put it, “give back”. It offers a wide array of trading courses – and they’re all free! The various courses offer extensive educations in trading stocks, futures, forex, bonds, and even cryptocurrencies.

Altogether, there are more than 20 free trading courses offered. The courses are organized into beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses, and provide thorough coverage of subjects such as technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, and trading psychology.

In addition to everything being completely free, Tradinglessons offers an education in many trading topics that aren’t included in many other stock trading courses – including the following:

  • Trading stock indexes
  • Trading energy futures (includes specific information on trading natural gas and crude oil)
  • Trading precious metals
  • Understanding bid and ask spreads
  • How key economic events impact the markets
  • Extensive options trading education



Stock trading courses can provide numerous benefits to traders who want to improve their knowledge, skills, and performance in the financial markets. Stock trading courses can provide a comprehensive and structured way to learn about the various aspects of stock trading, such as technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and market psychology.

Trading courses give investors the opportunity to develop and improve their skills in areas such as chart analysis, stock scanning, and trading stock options. They can also, through live chat rooms, provide the opportunity to network with fellow traders and market experts.

All of the stock trading courses reviewed in this article provide an excellent education in stock investing. Look them over in more detail at the websites that offer them before deciding which one best fits what you’re personally looking for in the way of instruction in stock trading.

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