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Oh, Canada!

Aren’t my posts super interesting these days? I’m in NC, this is how much I spent there, here’s the mundane things happening in my life, etc. I pinky promise that I will be full of stuff to talk about when the move is complete. There are just a lot of variables right now, so I’m basically hoarding cash (cause y’all know how that thrills me) until I know what’s going on with my life. Anyways, we are in Canada! We drove up a day early to check out Niagara Falls and we will be heading to Toronto tomorrow.

Mom came up Wednesday to pick up the furniture she purchased and pretty much everything else I didn’t want. The deal with the possible buyer for the little stuff fell through. Basically a group of four very judgmental people came into my home and decided I was a common whore as I dared to sit on the couch drinking a beer in a sleeveless top. Watching Sex and the City 2. It’s always fun to know people are talking about you when they are speaking a language you don’t understand. Le sigh. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to working the pole…

Today (Thursday), we moved all our stuff out of our apartment and into our car. Decided it looks like we are trying to move to Canada with a bunch of boxes. Dropped boxes off with a friend. Ate Chipotle. Drove up to Niagara Falls. I have to be honest with you Canada, so far I’m unimpressed. None of the things that were supposed to happen have happened yet.

– No one has said “eh”. Not once.

– No one has said any variation of the word “about”, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen there.

– The border crossing was so…easy. I wanted drama. I wanted the movies. It didn’t happen. The dude seemed totally uninterested in what I was doing in Canada and barely looked at my passport. No car search. No interrogations. No good stories to tell.

Hopefully something “Canadian” happens soon. I’m going to start purposely bumping into people to see if they will apologize…

Well, I’m off to get a drink. It’s been a long day of moving and driving. I’ll keep you guys updated on how my Canadian stereotypes play out.

– New disappointment from the bar: The TVs were all set to baseball and golf. No hockey. NONE.

Canadians, why do you refuse to conform to my stereotypes of you? It will only make me love you more, I swear. Have a good weekend everyone!

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