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Best Options Trading Alert Services – Based on Personal Experience

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Options trading alert services are intended to alert investors when there is an opportunity to buy or sell options.

This can offer a way for investors to profit, particularly since options offer leverage.  When the option trade succeeds, it can be quite rewarding.

But options trades come with risk.  That leverage can cut both ways, and that’s why it can be helpful to find a good options trading alert service.

The idea is that these companies do the research for you to determine when a potentially profitable options trade opportunity comes up, and they send you an alert to inform you about the opportunity.

What’s challenging is that there are all sorts of people and companies out their claiming to be options experts, and unfortunately, many times it’s simply not true.

So we did the work on our end to filter out the noise and find the ones that we feel are truly the very best options trading alert services.

Here are the ones that we think are the best:


Stock Market Guides

Stock Market Guides offers an option trade alerts service where they tell you the historical track record of the trade setup being used for each trade alert.

For example, if they issue a trade alert for Apple options, they indicate which trading strategy is behind it and exactly how that trading strategy has performed in the past for Apple options with the same strike price level and time until expiration.

So often, you hear people talking about technical chart patterns, but you don’t really know whether they actually work or not.  Stock Market Guides reveals that information to subscribers, and once you have it, you won’t know how you could have ever traded options without it.  It’s like going from making blind trades to making fully-informed trades.  That’s why we love this service.

For each option pick they make, they send an alert by email or text.  Their trade alerts are easy to follow and look like this:

You’ll notice they indicate the exact expiration date and strike price for the option in the trade alert.  It takes out all the guesswork of which option to buy.

In a way, their service is almost like a scanner with added historical performance information.  It scans for option trade setups that have a history of success and shows you the exact performance.  It allows you to make more informed trading decisions and, of course, might put the odds in your favor of making solid profits.

The average annualized return of their option picks is 136%.  To our minds, if it’s possible to find trade setups that have a history of generating those sorts of returns, then sign us up.  In the stock market, a lot of times, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and Stock Market Guides helps you figure out where to be looking at any given time.

They have two types of option trading services.  One is for alerts that get sent before the market opens.  The other is for alerts that get sent throughout the trading day.   Both services are the same price, so it’s just a matter of your personal availability and preference.

They also allow you to tailor the option trade alerts you get in terms of how long you hold the position.  So, if you like option trades that last just a few days, you can configure that setting in their system.  Or if you like option trades that last, for example, a month, you can set that up, too.

Price: $49 per month for either service


Motley Fool Options

The Motley Fool Options service is a subscription-based service that provides investors with access to a team of options traders and analysts. The service offers recommendations for options trades, as well as educational resources and tools to help investors learn about options trading. This service claims to have over 750,000 loyal members.

The Motley Fool Options service costs $999 per year and boasts an 86% profitability rate.  They say they have had years where they racked up returns over 100% on the options trades they alerted.

Their options trade alerts come in the form of emails.  For some, that’s not appealing because email alerts aren’t always as convenient or timely as text alerts.  But for others, email alerts for options trades are a good fit for their communication preferences.

Motley Fool’s service also offers an extensive options education.  They work hard to make their tutorials easy for people to digest.

Motley Fool is probably the most famous and well-known service on our list.  They have an excellent reputation, which helps explain their service’s price tag.

The options trade alert service from Motley might be right for you if you want to pay for quality and ensure the trade alerts are based on world-class research.


Benzinga Options

Benzinga Options is a premium options service that provides real-time options trade alerts, educational content, and research. The service is designed for options traders of all levels of experience, from beginner to expert.

The most basic service level for options trade alerts from Benzinga costs $297 per year.  This service follows a renowned trader, Nic Chahine, and allows you to model your strategy after his. You will get both SMS text and email notifications of options trades, including an explanation and analysis.

Benzinga Pro is $1,997 annually and is a news and data software that gives you access to news before major price changes occur. If you are unsure if this option is the best for you, Benzinga pro offers a free two-week trial to let you give it a test run.

Benzinga Options offers an options trading school for $4,997 annually. If you sign up for this course, you also get access to Benzinga Pro. Their options trading course provides you with live college-level classes led by well-established investors. Their live trading chatroom also hosts other successful investors for you to learn from.

Benzinga is also widely known in the industry.  Their options trading alerts might be right for you if you want a name-brand alerts service.


Mindful Trader

The Mindful Trader options alert service is run by Eric Ferguson.

He researched historical price tendencies in the stock market to determine an investing approach.

The idea is that his trading strategy might put the odds in his favor for options trades.

He leans on those odds when he posts his alerts, as he relies strictly on his research to make trades.  He doesn’t make discretionary trades that fall outside the rules of his researched strategy.

Once he picks an option he wants to alert, he gives you all the information you need.

You can use any trading platform you want to make the options trades, although he uses Think or Swim and has tutorials for using it on his site.

He’s pretty aggressive about position sizing.  But that’s what it takes to achieve the returns shown in his research, which suggests triple-digit returns might be possible in some years.


Swing Trading Club 

The Swing Trading Club is a service where you can be alerted through their swing trading chat room when trade opportunities come up.

They use a discord server as the chat room.  They cater to both option swing trades in their chat room with a dedicated chat channel.

The Swing Trading Club also has a swing trading course that teaches popular swing trading chart patterns and indicators.  It’s a nice complement to the chat room trade alerts.  It doesn’t have a whole lot of education about options, but it has information about chart patterns and trade indicators.

It’s the most affordable alerts service listed in this article, and last we checked, the service is free for the first month.


Options Trading Club

Options Trading Club is a Discord-based platform focused on options trading. They market themselves as a skilled, selective group of traders who focus on educating each other.

The trade alerts from Options Trading Club come through their Discord chat room.  They focus on a high ROI with their investing strategy, which is similar to many other options trading strategies considering the leverage that options provide.

Their standard membership rate is $99 a month and gives you full access to their Discord chat room.

The Options Trading Club might be a good fit for you if you like the idea of being part of a community.  It’s also a good option to consider if you’re already familiar with Discord and are a member of other Discord servers.


Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is an options specialist who has been around for a long time.  They cater well many types of traders.  Whether you’re a beginner just getting started in the world of options trading or a seasoned pro, they can offer value to you.

Their most popular package, the Premium, is $99 a month and offers a 7-day free trial. The Premium package gives you access to their live trading room and one-on-one coaching with a professional options trader.

In the live trading room, you’ll be able to watch and learn from other successful traders.  That’s where you get real-time options trading alerts as well as guidance from their experts. With all the tools and services they offer, you’ll get the personalized approach you may be looking for.


In Conclusion

Options trade alerts might be the key to taking your investing game to the next level.  But they come with risk.

We hope we helped you by highlighting the companies that we feel offer the best options trading alerts.

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