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Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Are you trying out ways to buy bargain-priced foods items to save money on groceries? This post is all about that.

Usually, people just rack up their shopping basket without thinking about how much they are spending. After a single shopping session, it may not seem like a lot of money but you will be surprised by the total amount spent on groceries at the end of the month. It is possible to save roughly $350-$400 per month on groceries by following a few basic principles of frugal living. 

Here are a few guaranteed ways to save money on groceries.

1. Buy whatever is on sale

It takes a lot of planning and tact to save money on groceries. Instead of cooking food that you want to or feel like eating, try to synchronize your palate with what your nearest grocery store has on sale. So, if they have Salomon and Chicken breasts on sale, then your weekly meal plan should consist of these two only. By settling on your choice of food, you can save a lot of money on groceries.

2. Buy in bulk

Buying your groceries in bulk only makes sense if you consume the items within a week or so. There is no point in buying food items in bulk that are perishable and consumed scarcely. Most grocery stores like Target and Whole Foods already know what kind of items can be bought in bulk. So, they categorize them accordingly and mention the amount you can save by buying a particular item in bulk.

3. Avoid the mid-section of the grocery store

To make more money, the grocery store representatives place the items that have a high-profit margin in the middle of the store. Or any area that is visible to the person who walks in through the entrance. There are a couple of reasons behind this. People usually like to look at items that are trending. So, they gravitate towards the center of the store. And, placing items in the center also grabs the attention of people passing by the store.

4. Avoid pre-cut veggies

Not buying pre-cut vegetables and fruits is an easy way to save money on groceries. First of all, pre-cut items are expensive as they may contain preservatives. Plus, there is a packaging and labor cost attached to it which make it even costlier. Why not buy vegetables and fruits in their whole form which are a lot cheaper. 

5. Buy cheap cuts of meat

Cheaper cuts of beef have the same amount of nutrients as that of prime cuts. There are numerous techniques to tenderize the had meat. To tenderize the meat, you can cook it in a slow cooker or marinate it for a long time. Another way of saving money on meat is by purchasing the whole chicken or meat with bones; instead of boneless pieces. Buying a whole chicken will cost you just $5.

6. Only shop at stores with good prices

If you have a Whole Foods in your area, then you know it’s not likely to have the best prices around.  They typically charge premium prices for access to high-end organic products.  If you have a Target or a Trader Joe’s in your area, those typically have much better prices.   (Interesting side note:  I recently read this article about who owns Trader Joe’s that finally solved the mystery in my mind…)


Until now you would have had to pay up to $300 for a whole week’s supply of groceries. But by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can do the same shopping for less than $200. Frugality is a way of life and should be implemented in all areas. By being a little frugal you get more for your dollar.

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