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20 Fun and Cheap Hobbies to Adopt This Year

As part of my plan to become financially serious, I’ve taken on an accountability partner, I’ve reassessed my budget, and now I’m trying to practice having cheap fun. Having fun with friends, or by yourself, doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some of the fun and cheap hobbies I’ve tried, and some I’m planning to try out soon.

Fun and Cheap Hobbies I’ve Tried:

  •  Reading – Reading is a cheap hobby as long as you don’t buy a ton of new reading material. Instead you should focus on: library books, books you already own, magazines that have piled up on you over the years (I hope you cancelled your subscriptions), PF blogs, other blogs, and more.
  • Writing – Writing is a cheap hobby and can actually end up earning you some money. Write your own E-book, short story, novel, or blog and maybe you can earn some money off of it.
  • Exercise – Exercising can be a cheap hobby, or not, it just depends on how you go about it.
  • Watching TV/Movies – As long as you aren’t paying for an expensive TV subscription, this is a pretty cheap hobby. Hulu, Netflix, and watching movies you already own are some cheap ways to enjoy watching TV.
  • Play Board Games – I love to play board games and card games with my friends and family.
  • Camping – This can be a frugal hobby, or not. But it is fun!
  • Cooking a New Recipe – As long as it doesn’t call for any exotic ingredients, this is a pretty cheap hobby.
  • Listening to Music – Thanks to technology, you can listen to music for free quite easily via the internet or your regular old radio.
  • Listening to a Podcast – I just listened to my first-ever podcast over the weekend. I loved it!
  • Crafting – I like to sew and do other craft/DIY projects. They can get expensive if you aren’t careful though.
  • Volunteer Your Time – I volunteer for a few different groups in my community and I always feel great after I’ve donated my time.
  • Visit Museums and Free Attractions – This one can be done while you are travelling, or you can play “tourist” in your own community. Sometimes it’s fun to visit your local attractions to see what has changed since your last visit.
  • Couponing – I don’t do this as much anymore. Be careful with couponing so you don’t overspend your budget.
  • Get a Part-Time Job – Does this count as a hobby?
  • Go Thrifting/Antiquing/Garage-Sale-ing – Just don’t spend too much 🙂

Hobbies I Haven’t Tried (Yet?):

    • Learning a New Skill – I guess I’ve kind of tried this one, but there are always more new skills to learn.
    • Growing a Garden – This one can be hard work, but it can help your budget and it’s a good way to spend time outdoors.
    • Play Internet Games – I’ve heard these are addicting, so be careful. 🙂

  • Canning/Preserving Food – I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this.
  • Home Brewing – This one sounds like fun to me.

What other cheap hobbies have you tried? What cheap hobbies do you want to try?

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Erin Thompson spent years managing her own blog about budgeting and debt. Because of that, she has great insights not only about managing spending and borrowing but also about running websites profitably. When she's not writing articles for us, she's traveling and looking for new types of wines to try.

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