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Review of SEO Dude

Overall SEO Dude Review Score:  4.8/5

SEO Dude is a company that offers SEO services.  It’s run by Eric Ferguson, who seems to be deserving of a name like SEO Dude considering his track record of SEO success.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  In other words, doing SEO is trying to get your website to rank well in Google searches.

SEO Dude offers two services.  One is teaching people how to do SEO.  The other is doing SEO for them.

For the purpose of this review, we tried out his educational service where he teaches people how to do SEO.

Who Can Benefit from Using SEO Dude?

This service can help any online business with getting more visibility in search engines.  So whether you have an ecommerce website, a blog, or any other type of website, this service can benefit you.

This service is also good for people who are trying to learn SEO as a skill or profession.  There are enough tutorials with his service to give you the education needed to get a job doing SEO work.

Cost of SEO Dude:  $49/month

For that price, you get access to all the content SEO Dude offers.  You also have access to ask Eric any questions you want.

You can cancel the service at any time to get the recurring payments to stop.  You can, if you want, sign up and then soak up all the knowledge from the tutorials in one month or less and then quit the recurring payments, and effectively only pay for one month.  But there is a lot of content in there so that might be a pretty tall order.

We tried out the SEO Dude service, and here’s a review of what we thought:


PROS About SEO Dude

Verifiable Track Record of Success

This “dude” definitely has SEO credibility in our book.  On the webpage where he talks about his SEO expertise, he has a video where he shows his Google Analytics account for an ecommerce store he owns.  In the video he scrolls through the account and shows that more than $10 million of sales for the store have come from people who entered his site through unpaid Google searches.

That’s the SEO dream right there, and he’s living it.  We were so impressed that we even added him to our list of the best SEO experts.

You don’t often find SEO companies that can boast this sort of personal success.  Most have the educational pedigree, but not the track record of actual economic success from SEO.  This makes SEO Dude stand out above the rest.

Beyond that, Eric is a Stanford graduate.  You don’t get into Stanford without being very successful at academics, and you don’t get $10 million of sales from search traffic without being very successful at SEO.  This guy seems to be good at everything he sets his mind to, and he’s the exact type of guy we want to be learning from.

50+ Tutorials

The SEO Dude service is chock full of educational content.  Once we logged in, we were greeted with more than 50 tutorials.

The content is thorough, and by the time we had gotten through all of it, we felt like we had gotten a very clear picture of the methods he used for his SEO success.  We didn’t walk away feeling like we were shortchanged in any way.

It’s organized well, too.  He lays out the content in a way that is orderly and easy to digest.

Real World Lessons

One of our favorite parts about this service is that it’s not just teaching you the principles of SEO.  Eric shows you real life examples of his own website and how exactly he did SEO for it.

It’s kind of like pulling the curtain back on The Wizard of Oz and seeing what’s really going on back there.  With most businesses, this type of sensitive information is simply not made visible to the public.  But Eric willingly shows subscribers the intimate details of the business.

And it makes for great learning.  Instead of just being told a boilerplate tenet like “keywords are important to SEO,” he shows us the exact pages of his website and explains what the keyword theme is, why he chose that theme, and how he went about optimizing the usage of keywords on that page.

In other words, he takes SEO concepts and applies real-world examples to them using webpages that have proven SEO success.  These real-world examples really help with the learning process.

And as you watch these tutorials, you can tell that this guy really knows his stuff.

Good Teacher

He’s a good teacher.  He takes his time breaking SEO topics down to a level that is easy to follow.  He just has that personality type that seems to lend itself to teaching.

We like his tutorials because they basically accommodate every level of experience.  If you are already polished with SEO, then you might find some of his videos to be a bit long-winded.  But the juicy content is still in there.

Genuinely Good Guy

From what we can tell, Eric is a solid dude.

He doesn’t seem to exaggerate or over-promise anything.  He doesn’t say you can achieve overnight riches.  He gives you the straight scoop about how much effort it took for him to achieve his SEO success.

Aside from his honesty, he comes off to us as the type of guy we’d like to be friends with.  He’s very down to earth and doesn’t have any “holier than thou” type of vibes, even though he’s had downright legendary SEO results.

Free SEO Tools

In his tutorials, he shows which SEO tools he likes to use, and they’re all free.  So it’s not a case where you sign up for his service and then find out you have to pay money for other tools just to do what he does.  You can use all the same tools and him for free.


CONS About SEO Dude

Limited Web Development Expertise

His tutorials are light on topics that require website development expertise.  Being an SEO expert doesn’t need to involve a lot of web development, but there are times where some “behind the scenes” stuff is needed for the website.

Eric points out what these things are (such as setting up the tag for Google Analytics on your website), but he doesn’t give any technical instructions how to do it.

As he points out, though, it all depends on your website platform anyway.  Some famous platforms, such as WordPress, make it really easy to do these sorts of technical implementations.  Others are harder.

He recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits all way to implement these things, and so he doesn’t try to teach exactly how to do it.  But he does at least point out that it needs to be done, and where to learn how to do it.  He says that for his ecommerce store, he had a separate person who handled the web development.


No 1-on-1 Training

His educational service doesn’t offer 1-on-1 training, although he says he is open to any questions that subscribers ask.  So he may not offer 1-on-1 meetings, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still ask him any questions you want.

We wouldn’t really expect to get 1-on-1 training for the price he charges for the service.  It’s already a really solid value for what it is.  We just wish there were a separate service available for those who want the private training experience.


No Phone Service

He only communicates by email.  That means he’s not available for phone calls.

Again, for us, this isn’t a deal breaker because we already find the value of the service to be great as it is.  We didn’t have the need for a lot of communication with Eric.

Not only that, but the one time we did email him, he was extremely fast to respond and down to earth.




We love SEO Dude, plain and simple.  It’s amazing that this type of educational content is available for only $47 per month.  For someone who is motivated, using the knowledge shared by this service could prove to be worth quite a bit of money, as Eric’s proven.

We have no hesitation recommending this service to anyone who is looking to use SEO to grow their website.

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