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The Best Mobile Apps for Stress-Free Travel

Most people get to travel once or twice a year. This is their only chance to unwind and be free from work obligations. However, travel is not always peaceful and stress-free. Things like jet lag, flight delays, flight cancellations, checking in and out of hotels, tourist scams, unplanned expenses, etc can turn your fun time into a nightmare. This is why it is key to have with you whatever travel tools you can get your hands on.

Here are the 5 best mobile apps for stress-free travel

1) Flio

How about an app that guides you throughout your flight? Filo is a mobile app that keeps you updated on things like flight cancellation, flight delay, gate changes, boarding times and baggage claim belts. 

You also get to view interactive maps of airports and the area surrounding it. So, next time you are in a foreign country like Russia or Thailand, you won’t have to worry about not knowing their local language. 

2) LoungeBuddy

There is no point in booking a hotel for a few hours of layover. You can spend that time chilling in an airport lounge without paying a dime(other than for food and drinks). 

I know that some credit card companies offer free airport lounge access for loyal customers. But to attain that status, you have to make some big purchases over time. Which is not feasible for a frugal traveler

This is where LoungeBuddy comes into play. With LoungeBuddy, you get airport lounge access worldwide for a mere $25. Moreover, they also offer customer support via chat, email, or phone.

3) Citymapper

Whether you are in Hong Kong or Montreal, you can now find nearly stops for buses, ferries, trams, and light rail. That too without the hassle of having to search them on a map. Citymapper is a mobile that also offers official maps and timetables for public transport in the city you select. This is one of the best travel apps for a frugal backpacker.

4) XE Currency Converter

Exchange rates can tricky sometimes. Especially if you are on a backpacking trip to South America or Europe. There is too much difference between the value of a US dollar and the local currencies of the so-called third world countries. You don’t want to end up paying 2-3 times the original price of the things you purchase. This is why you need to have XE currency converter app installed on your phone.

5) ‎Trail Wallet

Are you worried about overspending on your next trip abroad? It’s very common for travelers to lose track of their spending while on the road. Travel can sometimes be stressful and difficult to manage. 

This is why you need a separate travel expense tracker app installed on your phone. Trail Wallet is one such app for your iOS devices. The free version is recommended for first-time solo travelers as it only allows you to add 25 items.


Travel can be fun and relaxing once you reach your destination. But until you do so, it is key to be alert and aware of the hurdles that might come in your way. I hope the above-mentioned tools help you travel safely and happily.

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