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Grammarly Review: Best Plagiarism and Grammar Checker Software

Writing may be a difficult task, and not everyone can be exceptionally good at it as some writers are.

Imagine you are sitting at your work desk and you are writing a fantastic piece, and not sure about the quality of your end-product as you have just typed it all down.

You give a thought of going through your piece once again but, you are still not fully satisfied with your overall performance.

So how can you know that your content meets the quality standards that you are looking?


Well, the answer is simple. Grammarly! It is one of the best grammar checker software on the Internet.

Grammarly Review: The Best I Use

If you are looking for a virtual proofreader to fix obvious mistakes within your content, then Grammarly is one of the best choices you have.

Not only that, but if you are going to publish your writing on a website, it helps your SEO if you use Grammarly.  Google likes well-written content.  That’s why a lot of SEO experts use Grammarly to proofread anything they write before publishing it online.

So if you have a blog, for example, and you want it to rank well in search engines, then paying for a Grammarly subscription could prove quite valuable over time.

This grammar checker software may not be capable of identifying all of the grammar mistakes within your content; however, it may significantly result in providing you relatively high and accurate results.

Grammarly comes with a few handy tools that can efficiently contribute to improving your grammar up to quality standards.

Gaining immense popularity, Grammarly is now available on smartphones as well as have significantly done an excellent job in creating a fully responsive Grammarly application for different smart technologies.

Today, I will take you through a simple guide so you can have an overview of how the world of Grammarly looks on the inside.

Before you continue, make sure you have.
  • Signed up at Grammarly.
  • Installed Extension

Logging Into Your Grammarly Account

Although, the software have a free access available across the Internet. However, the version of the tool allows a user to identify a few fundamental mistakes. It prioritizes error detection into two categories.

  • Critical Issues
  • Advanced Issues

Moreover, with the free version, you will only be able to identify and fix Critical Issues within your content. To get a complete access of your Grammarly, you will have to become its premium member.

Once, you have successfully signed up for a premium account; it will request you to confirm your email address. Moreover, as soon as you confirm it, you will be automatically directed to an admin dashboard.

Take A Look On The Inside!

Now, you may have used quite a many grammar assessment tools; but the aesthetics of Grammarly are indeed plausible, and Grammarly is worth the cost.


There are two sections of the screen separated through a sophisticated color coding of black and white.

The black section is a bit narrow, while the white one is a bit broad.

The menu options of Grammarly are available in the black section on the left of your screen; while the edited documents are all placed in the white section on the right.

Here is the list of options that the Grammarly offers:
  • My Grammarly
  • Profile
  • Subscription
  • Apps
  • Logout

The My Grammarly option takes you back to the home screen.

The Profile option enables you to access your account information. It also allows you to set the English (American/British) Grammar for Grammarly to check your documents. Plus, you get a personal dictionary included as well to add new words.


The App section enables you to activate extensions for your desktop/laptop applications such as Grammarly for Chrome, for Word and for Windows.


At the bottom of the screen, you can also find a support option, which will automatically lead you to a landing page where you can ask any question budding up in your mind.


The Subscription option enables you to overview your billing options and summary. It also lets you analyze how much you are saving depending on the package you select.

Grammarly Tools

When I logged into the Grammarly account and uploaded my document, I realized how good is Grammarly! I found out that it offers quite some editorial tools to keep you engaged and it keeps you pondering whether you are good in English or not!

As soon as it identifies an error in your context, it automatically prompts you with a flash card. The flash card does not only identifies the error in your document, but it also explains the problem and suggests you a solution, then and there.

While observing your grammatical errors, vocabulary usage, and spelling mistakes, Grammarly provides you fixes for more than 250 different types of mistakes within your document.

I am not sure how much of that is true, but they claim that it is created by one of the world’s leading linguists! We will take their word for it, however!

The Editorial section at Grammarly offers you an upload and download option.


The “Document Type” editing tool symbolizes the nib of a pen. Here you can set the type of document you want to edit. Also, you can turn on/off a wide range of options such as Contextual Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, and Style as per your preference.


You further get an option for online plagiarism checker. Grammarly plagiarism checker is one of the best plagiarism checker and proofreader tool online.

It allows you to identify how much percentage of your work is plagiarized. Grammarly terms it as unoriginal text.


You can also generate a report in the pdf format and download it, later on.


With Grammarly, you can also work on your vocabulary while creating your document. It allows you a separate option for that which you can enable from the Editorial Tool options.

It identifies overused words and squinting modifiers within your context.


Still not satisfied with all the Grammarly tools?

Do you believe your document can be a bit better?

Then Grammarly does offer you an additional option through which you can send your document to a professional proofreader. Let them fix it for you.


Grammarly Cost

When it comes to pricing plans one thing we wonder is how much does Grammarly cost? It is without a doubt that Grammarly stands out among different competitors.

It is because the Grammarly offers one of the perfect rates to its customers. Irrespective of the work environment you belong to, Grammarly cost price comes with a premium pricing plan, fit for all.


As you can see, Grammarly offers three lucrative plans to its customers.

  • The Monthly plan is for $29.95/ month.
  • The Quarterly plan is for $19.98/ month
  • The Annual plan is for $11.66/ month

What captivated my attention was that Grammarly, unlike other grammar checking tools online, follows a different pricing strategy.

It significantly decreases the price per month evidently making the offer more fascinating for buyers. Moreover, above all, if you purchase the Annual plan, it does not seem that expensive at all!

How is Grammarly better than a Proofreader?

Well, when we talk about proofreading, most editors have a tendency to transform your work into their style and preference.

Although, they do perform an outclass job when it comes to fixing the grammar and structure of your content; however, in the aftermath, they usually end up sweeping away your style from work.

What once looked like a spot on dang and classical content for your website, now feels like a dull and dark one. Grammarly, on the other hand, removes such concerns.

When I started using Grammarly, I realized that it is not as perfect as a human proofreader; however, it is something much worthwhile than that.

It provides you with essential to advance errors, set as per your priority, and never risk the style of your content.

Why should one use Grammarly?

Let’s have a look why I prefer using it.


I have previously used some online grammar checking tools, and not once have I ever came across such a tool that can perform grammar checking analysis as quick and efficient as Grammarly does.

It only took me a matter of seconds before my whole document was thoroughly analyzed.

It incredibly shunned me for a moment when I saw that it not only identified all my problems but also provided me with potent solutions to resolve them with just a click 🙂

Ease of Access

With Grammarly, you are not biased to specific word counts, or upload documents or long waiting hours to put your brain to work on identifying how to fix errors!

You simply copy/paste your content and just follow a click through a solution to fix all the errors in your particular content. In just a minute or two, you will finish with proofreading your document.


Grammarly offers you accurate results. It does not leave you dangling in between with a broad range of options.

It provides you with dot point results. Also, too much of my surprise, they all fitted in perfectly with my content.

As most Grammar tools keep you wondering they produce automated results, Grammarly felt more like a live proof-reader on the other side of the screen offering me quick and adaptive results.

Help & Support

Also, I found out that the Help & Support team at Grammarly was quite responsive.

Although, their knowledge base is quite informational, still if you are stuck at some point and you are not sure how to find your way out of it, you can always reach out to their customer support team.

All you have to do is to fill a contact form attached at the bottom of the support page.

Strongest Merit
  • It offers an excellent online grammar knowledge base, as compared to other online grammar checking tools.
Strongest Demerit
  • It can not be replaced for a human proofreader when it comes to fixing the grammar and structure of content.

Final Words

So that is all folks, I hope you enjoyed the Grammarly review. If you are new to the world of blogging, then one of the essential elements for making your website a success is publishing the right content.

While publication, it is important that one should keep an eye out for every aspect of their work or else it can send their credibility at risk.

Major roles that your content play upon the mind of each is grammar, structure, style and plagiarism. Moreover, nothing serves better than Grammarly.

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