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The Best Blogs of 2023

Love writing your heart out? Lucky for you, the internet is obsessed with new content and would be thrilled if you started writing. One way you can gain instant gratification is by creating a blog.

Blogging is simple and fun. You have to educate, inspire, and motivate others, and voila, you have a successful blog. 

With so many topics to choose from, all you have to do is start curating something you are passionate about. Once you gain enough followership, you can generate a good amount of passive income. Cool, right?

With over 600 million online blogs, choosing the best was difficult. However, our list doesn’t mean other blogs aren’t doing great.  These are just our favorites. 

They range from blogs covering the stock market to blogs covering cooking recipes.  Without further ado, here is our list:

Best Blogs of 2023
Best Blogs of 2023

To help you get inspired and be motivated, we have rounded up a list of the best blogs of 2023.  And don’t just take our word for it.  A lot of these blogs are also featured on the “best of” lists at as well, so these sites are getting wide acclaim:

Best Gluten-Free Food Blog

Seasonal Cravings

For the love of all things food: check out Seasonal Cravings 

This blog brings you the most delicious recipes while keeping a check on your health. Run by Karen, this blog is the perfect amalgamation of delectable and healthy food. Wholesome, delicious, and quick recipes are Karen’s specialty. This superwoman makes all these delicacies from seasonal ingredients.

The certified health coach is a food writer and blogger who specializes in providing gluten-free recipes, paleo, whole30, and even diets for dairy-free. Her resources include meal plans, clean eating tips, diet plans, and gluten free-food lists, to name a few. What’s more – she even covers travel and lifestyle too.

Best Blog for Wedding Planning

Budget Savvy Bride

Best Blogs of 2023
Best Blogs of 2023

Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Weddings come only once; planning them right is as important as choosing the right partner. The Budget Savvy Bride is one wedding planning blog you must follow before walking down that aisle.

Whether you’re the bride or groom, this blog by Jessica covers all the little deets. This blog offers everything from wedding flowers to suits, décor, and even time and money-saving tips.

The best part about following Budget Savvy Bride is that it gives you significant discounts and deals, freebies, and giveaways. Even better, they have printables, DIY projects, and authentic wedding inspirations to help you get started before you become a groom or bridezilla.

Best Blog About Financial Advisors


Hiring a financial advisor may sound impractical, so it’s best to follow someone who can give you this advice for free. Brian from Wealthtender is all set to help you escape the 9 to 5 routine and work on your terms toward financial freedom.

This blog helps you become smarter with money and discover different financial resources for your business and other financial needs. The website caters to all money-related issues, from portfolio and risk analysis to digital investing and retirement planning.

Moreover, they can even help you find and book appointments with financial advisors based on your needs. Check out advisory firms, seek help from financial coaches and advisors, or listen to podcasts and pave your path toward financial success.

Best Blog for Timeshare Owners

Planner At Heart

If you’re a timeshare owner or thinking about becoming one, you must have many questions and queries. Planner at Heart has got you covered with their blog designed to help out over 22 million timeshare owners worldwide.

Monica, the owner of Planner at Heart, seeks to pass on the wisdom and guidance she has garnered from her 15+ years of timesharing ownership. By becoming an avid follower of her blog, one can learn all the tips and tricks to maximize their ownership as a timeshare owner and get the most out of the money they are spending.

There is much to learn from finding successful timeshare rentals to renting them out to others. Once you gain enough information on timesharing, you can also check out things to do, travels and accommodations, and even travel hacks.

Best Blog for IEP advice

A Day in Our Shoes

Individualized Education Programs, or IEPs, stand to provide support, instructions, and services for children in need of special education. Lisa Lightner, a special needs advocate, authors the blog A Day in Our Shoes to help such parents with special needs.

The blog gets a monthly view of 500,000 people and caters to parents so they can navigate the IEP process with the help they deserve. This blog has covered everything from understanding your IEP rights to preparing for meetings and getting tips and tricks on behavior and impulse control.

Lisa has attended hundreds of meetings to gather advice and tips to get her blog to where it is today. Her blogs include IEP advice, Section 504 plan, related topics, and even support for disability advocacy, acceptance, and activism.

Best Blog for Making Money

Radical FIRE

“I don’t want money” – said nobody ever. 

At Rapid Fire, you can do just that and live the life you’ve dreamed of forever. Radical fire believes in taking on two roads toward financial freedom: saving and investing.

There offer tips and tricks to get you money fast. Moreover, there is a lot of information on living a minimalist lifestyle and even ways to get out of debt. 

This money-saving and making blog will get you all prepped to live with the financial satisfaction you have longed for all this time.

Get an insider on money tools and tricks such as Inbox Dollars, Money Guru, and Ezoic while navigating a load of other categories, including traveling, investing, and even lifestyle.

Best Travel Blog

Spark Nomad

Best Blogs of 2023

The world is beautiful, and everyone must take the time to travel and experience the wonders that nature beholds. Spark Nomad helps you do that and is the ultimate travel blog and guide you need across Europe and Central, North, and South America.

The blog runs under the ever-curious Marjolein, who has traveled to significant parts of the world. It majorly throws a spotlight on various South American destinations that she fell in love with during travel.

Spark Nomad aims to inspire its readers toward their next travel destinations and enlighten them about everything they need to know before they head out for their vacation. The information includes the best times to travel, adventurous things to do, and everything in between.

Best Celebrity Net Worth Blog

Celebz Net Worth

Best Blogs of 2023

Everybody talks about celebrities: their hair, makeup, jewelry, and flings. Celebz Net Worth moves beyond this gossip and focuses on the more important stuff: such as the net worth of celebrities and how they got to where they are.

These aren’t just actors and models they are talking about. Instead, this blog covers athletes, business people, politicians, criminals, lawyers, and more. Get a load of billionaire news, music, and news, and stay updated on all celebrity cars, homes, and other information.

What makes this blog one of the best blogs of 2023? Read on…

Learn how one sip of a drink turned the drink into $400 million. Or, learn how an NFL superstar got around building a $600 million empire and which billionaire will perform at the super bowl half-time show. All in all, this blog is an absolute hit for all things entertaining and fun.

Best Blog for Pregnant Moms

Mom Blog Life

Mom Blog Life is an excellent source of information for pregnant moms because it’s written by experienced moms who have been there and lived to tell about it.  The info is honest and real.

Plus, the two key authors for the site are both medical professionals.  One is a physician, and the other is a physical therapist.  This means the info you’re getting in the blog posts comes from people with expert medical knowledge.


Best Blogs for the Stock Investing Community

Stock Market Guides

These guys do their own statistical research, not only on stock market prices but also on services within the stock market.  Combine that research with blog posts, and you end up with a formula that can be very useful to readers.

The information they share is unfiltered.  It’s like their mantra is, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  When it comes to stock investing, what better resource could you ask for?

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag Investing (# investing) is a unique blog in that it has typical blog posts but also has its own community for investors. 

The blog posts cover helpful topics for investors, like the best Youtube channels for getting stock market analysis, the best crypto signals, and the best stock trading discord servers.  

But it also hosts its own investing group chats using discord servers.  That’s what sets them apart from other blogs in the space.  It shows that these guys are truly immersed in investing and are well-postured to be offering educational blog content to its readers.

Best Personal Finance Blogs for Beginners

Invested Wallet

Invested Wallet makes it to our list thanks to its passion for getting beginners on the right path toward financial success. From career advice and personal finance to investing, there is much more this blog offers.

Invested Wallet is in partnership with Monica, founder of the best timesharing blog Planner at Heart, and Jacqueline, a successful real estate investor. Together, these ladies bring you the ultimate low down on cool side hustle ideas, career and salary tips, money basics, and money tools. The site is steering its readers toward financial success.

Young and the Invested

The finance world can be scary, especially for the young. At Young and the Invested, Riley Adams seeks to curate an online community that primarily caters the young teenage minds and improves their financial literacy.

Riley believes that beginners work best when given customized advice that helps them adapt wise financial habits right from the beginning. This way, they can achieve all their monetary goals with ease. Whether you wish to invest, plan, or save money, this blog caters to it all.

Bottom line: Best Blogs of 2023

Now that we are through with the best blogs of 2023, it’s time to start digging into new ideas for your own. Remember, every popular blog once started small, as you will. You must get inspiration from the successful ones and keep feeding your blog with new, valuable content. Lastly, remember that content is king, and loyal followers make it thrive. 

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