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Borrowing is a critical part of the financial picture for any person or business.

It can be the key to buying a house or helping your business maintain working capital. And for many, the ability to avoid borrowing can make a huge difference in things like saving for retirement.

At CashBlog, we recognize the importance of your borrowing decisions and we’re here to provide you with expert insights to help guide you.

The “Gift” of Former Debtors Speaking About Debt-Reduction

Public speaking: My talk at the library for Financial Literacy Month DH = Dear Husband November is Financial Literacy Month, and Monday evening of this week,

The 10 Commandments of Fruclassity

Fruclassity is all about living “Frugally with Class”. Some people succeed wildly via extreme frugality, and that’s great! It’s for those of us who succeed

Setting Goals for the New Year

It’s only November, my friends, but now’s the time to set your money and other goals for 2016. I’m a bit of an expert at

Perseverance: A Must-Have Ingredient for Any Goal

There’s a quote I love to reflect on that says “It takes twenty years to make an overnight success.” -Eddie Cantor, comedian Many people read success

Other Peoples’ Money

Awhile back on The Frugal Farmer I wrote about how household consumer debt is rising again. In the article, I referenced an anonymous article I read

Is Money Your Drug?

Hey friends! Today we have a guest post from Elsie Brown, who blogs over at Gundo Money. Thanks, Elsie, for sharing your wisdom with CashBlog readers. 

Givers, Takers, Matchers & Personal Finance

Givers, takers, and matchers defined Wharton management professor Adam Grant answers questions in an interview entitled “Givers vs. Takers: The Surprising Truth about Who Gets Ahead”. Here

CashBlog Commandment #9: Give Your Children The Gift of Financial Wisdom (PART ONE)

It can be very difficult to give your children financial wisdom if you don’t start from the get-go. I need to set the scene a

CashBlog Commandment #3 Part A: Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Envy   DH = Dear Husband DD3 = Dear Third Daughter “One of my sisters told me that she, her husband, and their three children

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