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…When You Lose Track of What Day It Is

To those of you who know the routine of me posting on this blog faithfully each and every Tuesday, I have to say I’m so sorry.

It could be partly due to self-employment and working from home, but I also think it’s due to the holiday last week and being away from my regular schedule. No matter the reason, I totally forgot what it was today, thus there was no new post for your viewing pleasure this morning. 🙁

After becoming self-employed, my biggest fear was always that I might somehow become a hermit who never goes outside and perpetually unaware of the world around her, including what day of the week it is. While not all of that has happened, some of it certainly has.

For example, although I do occasionally leave my house and venture into the outside world, my trips around town are now few and far between. I actually like it that way so I can be more productive with my time and gasoline usage by grouping all of my errands into my trip instead of several different trips.

Other than that, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding the rest of those stereotypical things, until I lost track of what day it was today.

But not only did I forget what day it was today, it has actually been a semi-terrible day in general.

Ok…maybe not that bad.

What does this have to do with my finances? Well, I started the day off by breaking my favorite Christmas ornament when I bumped into my dresser in the dark. Although not a huge financial loss, it was given to me my late grandma.

Then I was upset and just felt very “off” the rest of today, which lead me to ordering a pizza for supper. #financialfail

I guess I still haven’t beaten my urge to eat out.

This also goes to show you how your emotions can have a big effect on your finances.

I’ve been trying hard to keep my budget in check and make sure I’m being realistic with my spending and budget each month.

But a budget is only as good as how realistic it is. After all, it doesn’t matter if I only budget $30 for eating out if I consistently spend more like $50 each month. My budget will be much better off if I’m honest about how much I spend on each of my categories every month.

This time, my emotions got the best of my spending. They don’t always win, and I’m happy to say that they win a lot less often than they used to, but they still get the best of me sometimes.

All of this – the overspending and the financial realizations – started because I forgot what day it was and things went downhill from there.

Hopefully tomorrow will be much better for my sake, my sanity, and my budget.

Do you emotions ever get the best of you and cause you to spend more money? Have you ever forgotten what day it is? Am I crazy? Don’t answer that last one. 🙂

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