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Blogging = Being a Hermit

I haven’t been at this whole blogging thing for that long – only since December 2013 – but already I can see how much work it truly is to run a blog. There is a lot more to it that just writing down your thoughts. You have to do behind the scenes work, social networking, networking with other bloggers, blog promotion, responding to comments, commenting on other blogs, etc, etc. You get the idea – it’s a lot of work!

Just recently I launched my online freelancing side hustle and so far it’s going great. I’m loving getting to work with some very successful bloggers, like Cat and Michelle, and I’ve learned a lot! But starting my online side hustle in addition to my other commitments has been a challenge at times and blogging has turned me into a bit of hermit.

Ok, I’m not that bad, and while I’m not fully ok with being a hermit, it does have its financial benefits.

Now, now, don’t go feeling sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for me, after all, I’m the one who chose to pursue my side hustle (which also happens to be my passion), and I’m the one with the debts to clear.

Here are some more financial benefits of being a hermit:

  • You save on socializing costs and eating out: Most people don’t enjoy eating out on their own, so if you’re a hermit you most likely don’t eat out all that often or do other socializing.
  • You can avoid being exposed to germs. If you aren’t around people you are less likely to pick up colds and other sicknesses, cutting down on your medical expenses.
  • You save on clothing and personal care costs: True hermits won’t have to buy new “dress” clothes as often because they’ll hardly use them. Plus, pajamas and yoga pants tend to be cheaper than “dress” or professional clothes, and more comfortable. Haircuts and other personal care things will also be a rarity, saving a hermit even more money.
  • People don’t expect you to attend events. You will save on hostess gifts, baby shower gifts, etc, because people will eventually stop inviting you to these kinds of events if you don’t attend. Plus, it’s great for your budget.
  • You can avoid temptations. If you are a hermit, you avoid shopping malls and Walmart like the plague. This means there are fewer opportunities for you to be tempted to spend money on things you don’t truly need.
  • You can avoid the Joneses. If you aren’t around people, you won’t feel the need to compete by acquiring the “latest and greatest” of everything.
  • You save time by avoiding all the things mentioned above and we all know that time is money.

If those aren’t enough reasons to convince you to become a full-on hermit, I don’t know what will!

But seriously, there are some advantages to staying home and not being a social butterfly during all of your free time. I’m not saying I don’t ever go out, but I do appreciate my alone time too, especially now that I have work to do (and I’m best at getting it done when I’m not distracted by other people).

Has blogging turned you into a hermit?

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