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Stepchild Faves – September 2014

We’re back with our September edition of Stepchild Faves! In case you don’t know, Cat and I will be working together to choose our favorite posts from around the blogosphere each month, excluding our own awesome works of course 🙂

Like last time, these are not listed in any particular order, so no bragging rights are given to those listed first, second, or third.

Here are our faves from September:

Budget Bloggess – One Chair At A Time – This post is an awesome reminder that we should take things slow when buying things off our “want lists” instead of succumbing to the credit card trap that so many millennials have given into these days. Michelle is so right when she says that today we want it and we want it all now! Instead, we need to take a lesson from our grandparents and buy the things we want “one chair at a time”.

The Heavy Purse – 5 Smart Financial Moves to Make This Fall – Shannon takes time to remind us that the holidays and the new year are just around the corner – thanks for that Shannon, there’s nothing I’m dreading more than winter – and encourages us to get our financial houses in order before these big events by. We need to review our goals and progress, max out our benefits, prep for year-end performance reviews at work, create a holiday budget, and plan ahead for 2015. Yikes! There’s a lot listed on there that I still need to do.

Add Vodka – How Far Can An Extra $40 Per Month Go? – Sarah, aka Daisy, announced that she cut her data plan, saving her money to the tune of $40/month! While this may not seem like much, she has crunched the numbers to show readers just how far that $40 can go if it’s used for other things, or saved for something big. Check out what she plans to do with her $40/month savings.

Budgets are Sexy – How to Be Invincible – Matt Becker from Mom and Dad Money took over J. Money’s blog and explained how to become financially invincible. To become invincible you need to start stashing extra cash in a couple different places, planning for irregular expenses, building up to a full emergency fund, making sure you’re covered with insurance, and changing your everyday habits for the better. There is some great information here for those who are already debt free or are approaching their debt free date.

Debt Roundup – Lessons From a Toddler and a Plastic Piggy Bank – Ahh the things we can learn from our children! In this post, Grayson tells about all the lessons he learned by watching his son play with a plastic piggy bank. He learned how we can get frustrated with slow savings, and that it’s way more fun to spend money than save it (Amen to that!). There’s a lot more to be learned about money from toddlers than you might think.

That’s a wrap for our September Stepchild Faves. We hope you have a great weekend!

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