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Best Personal Finance Blogs

Looking for the best personal finance blogs to learn better ways to make money?

Are you unsure about your retirement plan?

Do you want to improve your relationship with money and investment?

You’re in the right place. Money is a personal topic.  It brings ease yet also causes stress. However, times are changing, and with that, so are the notions of making money, saving it, and retiring with it. 

Some time ago, a group of passionate individuals recognized the shortage of information and guidance and created CashBlog. We do everything from information on credit cards, the stock market, entrepreneurship, and budgeting.

Having spent years helping people make healthy and lucrative financial decisions, CashBlog is recognized as a pioneering personal finance blog.  But we recognize that there is also a lot of valuable financial content elsewhere on the internet, too.

We compiled a list of excellent blogs to help you get started wherever you may be on your journey.  A lot of these blogs are also highlighted in BlogRatings’ list of the best personal finance blogs, too, so these websites are getting noticed all around for being awesome.

personal finance blogs

The Best Personal Finance Blogs

We love sharing inspiring things with our clients. So whether you’re looking to start a business, are a seasoned employee, are a teen looking for your first job, or anything in between, each of these blogs has something for you.

Things are changing fast in the world of economics, so it’s best to get your information from credible sources. Below are some:

Wise Bread

Times are tough, and it doesn’t seem easy to budget and save. But thanks to the thinkers behind Wise Bread, it’s no longer a difficult feat. So for those struggling or starting out, this is the place for you.

Learning to thrive on a small budget and making finance easy for everyone, Wise Bread offers excellent information on financial planning, debt, and loans, and finding a suitable investment. This is why it is our number choice for the best personal finance blogs.

Think Save Retire

Curated by Steve and Courtney Adcock, who quit their jobs and paved their way to early retirement, Think Save Retire aims to help you figure out your relationship with money and how to retire early. 

Most of us have questions about how to achieve financial independence and how to retire early, and we also want to know how we can make money a goal and achieve it. So check out Think Save Retire and do it the Adcock way.

Stock Market Guides

The folks at Stock Market Guides do their own statistical research, not only on stock market prices but also on services within the stock market.  Combine that research with blog posts, and you end up with a formula that can be very useful to readers.

The information they share is unfiltered.  It’s like their mantra is, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  When it comes to stock investing, what better resource could you ask for?

Budgets Are Sexy

Do you want to learn how to save money and need some inspiration to stick to your career goals? This is an unfiltered and fantastic blog to help you ease into your plan and get creative with your money.

J Money details his personal journey with money in his thorough blog. Budgets Are Sexy is a fun place to learn about money from information about net worth, budgeting tools, and templates to improve your finance game.

Well Kept Wallet

Great for young adults and those freshly out of college, Well Kept Wallet is a great way to create a strong foundation with money. With so much changing rapidly, this blog covers some of the best ways to make a passive income.

Well Kept Wallet also imparts advice on buying stocks, budget plans, and exploring ways to earn money through the internet.

Money Under 30

Young adults are hustling to make money when they’re barely out of college, and thanks to Money Under 30, that does seem doable. This blog is a great place to start if you’re new to all things money.

Full of tips and advice on loans, credit cards, buying property, making investments, and navigating student loans, this blog is an encyclopedia for all things money.

1500 Days To Freedom

True to its name, this adventurous blog is about a 1500-day career that ends in early retirement. Ambitious and driven, the author shares his journey to inspire career-driven people to achieve their goals.

If you’re tired of your spending and working habits and want a wholesome relationship with money, 1500 Days To Freedom can be one of your best personal finance blogs.

Millennial Money

The enterprising millennials will love this blog. True to its name, Millennial Money is a superb place to learn about making money in the stock market, earning and saving money, and gearing up for retirement.

Thanks to the author of “Financial Freedom – A Proven Path to All the Money You’ll Ever Need,” Grant Sabatier, this blog is a great way to learn about financial independence and what it means in the current world. 

The Penny Hoarder

For the quick and the ambitious, The Penny Hoarder is a treasure chest on ways to make money, save it and learn brilliant hacks to do it quickly. Entrepreneurs are going to love it.

The Penny Hoarder is an excellent blog with tips for working from home and finding lucrative opportunities that pay well. What’s more, the author offers lots of coupons and freebies to their audience, which helps save money on groceries and other forms of spending.

Financial Samurai

Do you want to know the brutal truth about money and how to have it? Lucky for you, the Financial Samurai looks hard at what wealth looks like in the modern world and how to get it.

The blog is an introspection on what it takes to be a millionaire, how to look at great investment opportunities like real estate, and the best ways to plan your retirement. In short, it’s about learning how to think like a millionaire to become one.

Retire By 40

No one wants to work forever, and we all dream of retiring early. Started by a man who did just that, Retire by 40 details Joe Udo’s journey from a high-powered corporate employee at Intel to a rich stay-at-home Dad.

Joe shares ways of raising a family, regulating finances, blogging, and also ways partners can meet money goals together. 


Everyone is hustling day in and out to make a living. However, there are a lot of websites that offer empty advice and unhelpful services. We shared our favorite personal finance blogs with you so you can get the most from your finances.

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