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Selling Your Stuff Online: Why it Could Work for You

If you’re drowning in clutter, it’s a stressful experience. It bombards you with too much stimulus – if you’re looking at a panorama of chaotic boxes and items you’ve been intending to get rid of, it’s much less visually relaxing than a room you’ve cleared and cleaned – it creates feelings of guilt, because it reminds you of the intentions to tidy that you’ve ignored, and most basically it stops you being able to find the things you need, when you need them.

Even if you have the best intentions it can be difficult to force yourself to do the work that’s necessary to rid yourself of unnecessary clutter. Whether it’s simply that it takes time, or that you have a sentimental attachment to some things that makes it hard to say goodbye to them, you need an extra push to get started.

Selling your old clutter online is the perfect answer you’ve been looking for. It gives you the reward of earning money from the work you do to clear your house, but most importantly, it changes the focus of the activity. You’re no longer doing something negative, and guilt making, throwing away things you’ve bought but don’t need, you’re doing something positive! You’re making money by finding things you don’t use any more and getting them to people that want them.

The first step is to try and break that chain of sentimental attachment to those items. You need to create some space so you can consider what you have with a cool head. Storage facilities are a great answer here. If you’re looking for storage London has plenty of options including byStored, who include free collection of your items as part of the price of storage. Visit them for more details.

When your clutter is safely in storage, look at it bit by bit. Work through a few items of inventory at a time and decide if you really can’t do without them. Good rules to work by are to ask yourself when you last used the item, and if you have anything else that does the same job.

If you’ve used your popcorn maker a couple of times this year, it seems reasonable that you might use it again so it could be worth keeping. If you’re considering a jumper you’ve not only not worn in six months, but you also have three similar ones you wear regularly, put it on eBay!

Once you start seeing results, the work will go from pain to pleasure and there’ll be no stopping you.

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