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4 Unique Ways to Make Money Online

Almost everyone wants to make more money. That’s pretty much a given right? More money means faster progress on your financial goals, like getting out of debt, building an emergency fund, and saving for a large purchase. Sometimes making extra money also means that you can allocate more money for the fun things in your budget too, like entertainment or going out to eat with friends.

Luckily there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to make more money and many of them are available thanks to the internet. Here are some of the unique ways you can make money online.

Testing Websites

One of the first ways I found to make money online was through testing websites. There are lots of different companies out there who will pay you a few dollars for each website you test for them. You often have to quality for each testing position as each has unique characteristics you have to have to test the website. But if you qualify for several jobs each day, the money can add up quickly. Especially since it only takes about 10 minutes per site. This makes testing websites a good side hustle for someone who is busy and only has a few spare minutes between scheduled activities.

Freelance Writing

I didn’t stick with testing websites as my only online side hustle for long. The next online revenue stream I came across was freelance writing for blogs. Freelance writings for blogs is a great online side hustle as work is nearly unlimited so you can work as much or as little as you want.

Website Management and VA Work

After I started freelance writing for several blogs, I was quickly asked if I’d be interested in taking one some virtual assistant/blog management work too. I’m so glad I said yes as this is one of the biggest sources of my online income each month now. Being both a VA and a freelance writer has allowed me to diversify my income and build up multiple streams of income.

Taking Paid Surveys

Another way you can make money online is by taking paid surveys. This may sound scammy, but there are some legit companies out there who will actually pay to hear your opinion. One of these sites is American Consumer Opinion.

American Consumer Opinion is different from many of the other survey sites because its members are compensated for the time they spend qualifying for a survey. Members are typically paid between 5 and 25 Points (1 Point = 1 penny) for a “screener” survey. Once a member accumulates 1000 Points in their account, they can “cash out” via check, Tango gift card, or PayPal. They are also given the option to donate their “cash out” to charity.

Making money online is actually fairly easy because there are so many different opportunities available. Chances are that at least one type of online side hustle will appeal to your interests and fit with your lifestyle.

Have you ever made money online?

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