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5 Easy Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

How often do you shop on Amazon? Would you like to free Amazon Gift Cards which you later can use for buying products?

Amazon is the biggest online store on this planet. It has spread its reach in almost every corner of the world. It’s fast-paced home delivery service and unheard-of low prices have made it a favorite of millions of people. Amazon has also made available Gift Cards for those who shop frequently. Baring some products, you can use these Gift Cards to buy anything from its online store.

Here are the easy ways to earn free Amazon Gift Cards

1. Swagbucks

Earn Amazon Gift Cards up to $100 with three easy steps on Swagbucks. First, you have to sign up on Swagbucks for free. Then earn reward points for performing menial tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, or just doing your shopping(the way you usually do). Swagbucks pays you for your time in terms of Gift Cards from your favorite online store like Amazon.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is quite similar to Swagbucks, the way it operates. But with Survey Junkie, you only have to worry about filling up the survey forms. Nothing else. Once you are done with your tasks, you will earn virtual reward points for your work. Next, you can redeem those points to Amazon Gift Cards. The best thing about Survey Junkie is you get to in advance how much you will earn and the amount of time you will have to invest in completing the said tasks.

3. Cashcrate

At present, Cashcrate has over 10 million members who are reaping of the benefits of its rewards programs. This company has been active since the year 2006. It is one of the pioneers of the concept called “consumer research”. With Cashcreate, you get paid with Amazon Gift Cards for performing tasks like answering online surveys, giving your opinions, testing out apps, shopping, etc.

4. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a place where the more your work, the more you get paid. If you are serious about making money online, sign up for free on their website today. After completing a survey, you immediately get rewarded in terms of points. One point is equivalent to 10 cents. Earn enough, and you can cash out without any issues. Or better, redeem your points with an Amazon Gift Card.

5. PrizeRebel

With over 9 million members, PrizeRebel is killing it in the Consumer Research market. They are one of the most trusted and dependable survey sites on the internet. Plus, they are active since the year 2007 and have paid out millions of dollars in the form of Amazon Gift Cards. To get started with the PrizeRebel survey program, just sign up and complete the surveys you are asked to answer.

You will get paid within 24 hours.

And after you get the gift card, don’t forget that there are ways to get Amazon coupons. That will help your Amazon gift card go even further for you.

The bottom line

There are thousands of online survey sites all claiming to have paid millions to dollars to their members. But not all sites can be trusted. Notably, the ones who ask money for registration. No legit survey or “make money online” site I have come across has ever asked me to pay registration fees. Sites listed on this post will pay you in the form of Amazon Gift Cards and never ask you for any money.

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