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Review of Levi’s Stadium Section 106 Row 19 Seats at a 49ers Game

I went to the 49ers game at Levi’s stadium and checked out these lower bowl seats in Section 106, Row 19.

It was for a game against the Bengals, and the tickets ran us just over $300 each.  We bought them on SeatGeek.

These were solid seats, though not cheap.  If you’re looking to save money on your Niners game day experience, these are not the right seats for you.  Generally going to 49ers games is not a cheap hobby to begin with.

These seats are in the corner of the endzone.  What we found is that if the plays were taking place on the other side of the field, we didn’t have a great view.  But when the plays were occurring in our endzone, we had some really fun views of the action.

Our day started with a tailgate in the green lot before the game. My buddy made some smash burgers with his barbecue.  Everyone in the lot was in great spirits and there was awesome camaraderie among everyone.

Going through the concourse to get to our seats was quite busy, but I was ok with it because I love all that excited energy when I’m at a football game.

Being in the corner of the endzone, we had a good view when the ball was near us.  Here’s an example of a time when we had a great view:

Everything is happening right there in front of us and it’s really fun to watch.

Here’s an example of how it looks when the ball was closer to the middle of the field:

Not too bad from my perspective; still decent view of what’s going on.  But when it gets to the far side of the field, it’s really hard to tell what’s going on, especially on running plays.

Here’s how it looked to our right from the seats:

We went at the end of October, and notice that our seats were in the sun and a segment of those seats to our right were in the shade.  That’s something to be aware of.

Here’s how it looked to the left of our seats:

Overall, I’d enjoyed these seats at Levi’s Stadium.  They were actually the cheapest seats I could find that were in the lower bowl and also not directly behind the fieldgoal posts.  I feel like they offered a good balance between price and quality, and I was comfortable with the tradeoff.

I would be happy getting seats like this again next time I go to a Niners game.  Just have to hope they win next time!

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