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My Frugal Wins Lately

As much a like to remind y’all that I’m definitely not the most frugal blogger out there (and that I’m ok with it), I have actually had some really good frugal wins lately.

More importantly though, I feel excited to know that more and more bloggers are finally talking about why it’s ok to not always be frugal. Take for instance Cat, my blogger friend and former owner of this site.

She penned a post that appeared here earlier today about how she’s not nearly as frugal as she used to be. Yep! She’s even embraced the fact that sometimes it’s ok to write about money and frugality for a living and still splurge on things that improve the quality of our lives.

It’s all about balance people.

In fact, this site has a history of not-so-frugal personal finance bloggers as this is a topic Erin actually wrote about back in the day too.

But back to the topic today, I have actually been semi-frugal lately. Here’s how:

I took advantage of people’s over-consumption.

Yep, that’s right. After Black Friday I bought a couple of used items at a deep discount because people were unloading them very cheaply after “upgrading” on Black Friday. #frugalwin

So far both of my post-Black Friday purchases, a washing machine and an elliptical, have served me well as I’ve used them both several times.

I took advantage of having friends in all the right places.

Last Friday my BFF graduated with her Master’s degree. The ceremony and party were very important to her and I knew I needed to be there to show my support.

Historically whenever I’m with her for the weekend I end up spending way too much money. That’s something I really didn’t want to have happen this time, so I decided to just make a very long day-trip to go see her graduate instead.

This might not sound like the best use of time or resources, after all she lives 4 hours away, which makes for an 8 hour round-trip. However, I was able to only spend the gas money to drive 2 hours before jumping in with some of her family members who were also going to celebrate her graduation that day.

Carpooling with them definitely saved me only. I only had to pay for 1 tank of gas (about $25) and one meal for $5.47. If I had stayed for the weekend my total would have easily been $250, as that’s usually how much I end up spending when we spend a weekend together in her neck of the woods.

Although I still spent 8 hours in the car that day and was exhausted when I got home, I saved well over $200 by only going for the day and having friends in the right places that I could carpool with.

While I’m still not the most frugal person out there, I’ve definitely been making strides to get my spending under control so I can put more money toward my debt and savings goals.

Have you had any big frugal wins lately? I definitely want to hear about it, so drop me a line below. 🙂

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