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Keeping Up with Those More Frugal

If you’ve been reading personal finance blogs for very long I’m sure you’ve come across at least one post about how keeping up with the Jones family down the street can harm your finances by causing you to spend more money on things you may not even truly value.

But did you know that swinging completely the opposite direction can be harmful for your finances too?

I never thought about what could happen if you tried to keep up with those more frugal than yourself until I wrote this post on my own blog.

In my process of becoming financially real, I’ve taken the time to sit down and evaluate what things in my life that I love and want to continue to spend money on.

Some of the things I decided I wanted to keep spending money on include:

Of course I realize that this is NOT the popular opinion among most PF bloggers. Frugality is the norm among members of our community, sometimes even to the extreme.

While I’m in no way bashing your frugal ways, I just want you to know that is never going to be me and I’m no longer going to try to keep up with you!

Trying to keep up with the Jones family may cause you to spend more on things you don’t value, but trying to keep up with those more frugal can cause you to avoid spending on things you do value and that’s not okay.

Instead of trying to be uncomfortably frugal to keep up with the “standard” in our community, I’m admitting to myself and to you all that I’m never going to be the most frugal blogger you’ll read.

I’d much rather find ways to earn more money so I can afford my lifestyle and continue to pay off debt instead of cutting the things I love out of my budget to save a few bucks.

Keeping up with those more frugal is not a good habit to get into. I think my competitive nature may have led to me trying to “fake it” so I could fit in with the other PF bloggers. But the truth of the matter is that I’m not ever going to be prone to the frugal ways of others.

The best thing going forward to quit trying to keep up with anyone. From now on, I’m resolving to be true to myself instead of trying to keep up with the Jones family or those more frugal. More of a middle-of-the-road approach to finances and spending is my plan to continue to enjoy my life and money while still reaching my financial goals.



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Erin Thompson spent years managing her own blog about budgeting and debt. Because of that, she has great insights not only about managing spending and borrowing but also about running websites profitably. When she's not writing articles for us, she's traveling and looking for new types of wines to try.
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