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Kencko Review – My Personal Experience

Kencko is a company that offers fruit and veggie smoothie makings in easy-to-use packets.  The main idea behind them is to make it as easy as possible for people to get their fruits and veggies each day.

If you’re anything like me, then you care about meeting the United States recommended daily allotment of fruits and veggies to stay healthy.  I want to do what I can to take care of myself and keep my body in good shape.

But if you’re like me, then you also have trouble eating all those fruits and veggies each day.  Although I want to get those nutrients into my system, I don’t like taking the time each day to prepare fresh fruits and veggies for salads or meals.  I also don’t particularly enjoy chewing a mouthful of spinach in an effort to get my green veggie intake met each day.

That’s what attracted me to Kencko.  They send out packets with freeze-dried fruits and veggies that you can use to make smoothies at home.  All you do is add water.  Each package meets half of your fruit-and-veggie requirement for the day.  You can go to Kencko’s website to learn more about them.

I tried out Kencko and noticed a variety of pros and cons about their product.  This is a review of Kencko that covers my entire experience.


Review of Kencko Delivery

My first order came in a nice box.  It was a colorful assortment and made me excited to be healthy.

The box they provided made for a nice little container to hold the packets until I used them up.


Review of Kencko Smoothie Preparation

When I placed my first order, it came with one of these little smoothie shakers.


The idea is that you add water (or milk) to the shaker, and then you pour in the packet of smoothie makings and simply shake.

You don’t need this specialized Kencko shaker device.  You can use any water bottle that has a lid.

They say that when you get out one of the packets to prepare a smoothie, you need to squeeze any “rocks” of nutrients within the packets to get them into powder form.  This is an example:

See those big rocks at the top?  Not all the smoothie packets have these, but some do.  It’s a minor pain trying to squeeze them, and it’s hard to do it perfectly.

And it turns out that’s kind of important.  If you don’t squeeze those rocks, then even after you add water, they might still hold their rock form.  And then when you drink it, you’ll notice solid chunks coming into your mouth.

I do find that with many of the flavors, I can’t fully squeeze all the rocks out, which means there are little solid bits I drink with the smoothie that I end up needing to chew.  Those are typically dense with flavor.

For me personally, it isn’t a huge deal.  But I would say it does qualify as a minor drawback to these Kencko smoothies.  I’ve gotten used to it and am ok with it, but admittedly it would be nicer if they weren’t there.

Other than that, making Kencko smoothies is super easy.  You literally just pour in water, then pour in the smoothie packet, and shake.  It’s that simple.

Here’s what the shaker looks like before shaking:

Notice the smoothie powder sitting on top of the water.  And then after I shake it, the smoothie looks like this:

Some healthy green goodness to put into my body!

Review of How Kencko Smoothies Taste

For this one, the answer is in the eye of the beholder of course.  Each person has different tastes they prefer.

Not only that, but it depends on your objectives.  Like for me, I don’t have much trouble eating fruit.  It’s tasty and often just requires a quick rinse and it’s ready to eat.

But eating raw vegetables, on the other hand, is like actual work to me.  I’m sitting their chewing something that may not be moist or particularly tasty, and I keep grinding at it until I can swallow it.  It takes time and effort for me, which makes it like work.

So from my perspective, I didn’t sign up for Kencko because I was looking for a tasty treat.  I signed up because I want a quick and easy way to ingest my veggies each day.  And so flavor doesn’t matter to me as much as the ease of consumption.

That said, I did try a number of different flavors, and I like a lot of them.

In my first box, I had a variety of different flavors just to test them out.  All the ones that have fruit in them taste delicious to me.

But in my case, I knew I was already getting a decent amount of fruit in my diet each day, and I wasn’t as focused on adding more fruit through these Kencko smoothies.  I mainly wanted to supplement my vegetable intake, and in particular my leafy green vegetable intake.

So after the first box, I only ordered three flavors:  “Ultra Greens”, “Greens”, and “Spicy Tomato”.  Those each feature a lot of veggies.

Ultra Greens

This one was a bit rough going down the hatch the first time.  Definitely not a sweet taste.  But this is the one with the absolute most veggies in it.  And I adapted to the taste and now actually feel good when I drink it.  That might be a psychological effect of knowing I’m putting something healthy in my body.


This one has a little more fruit in it.  I enjoyed this flavor and could drink this any time.  It’s sweet and delicious, yet comes with healthy veggies.  Great balance.

Spicy Tomatoes

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a huge spice tolerance, but I do sometimes like spicy things.  I like buffalo wings.  I sometimes like jalapenos in my food.  Not a lot, but I’m ok with a bit of spice.  For me personally, the Spicy Tomatoes smoothie is a bit too spicy.  I can’t easily guzzle it down because it bites and burns too much.  I like the flavor itself though, but I have to slowly drink it and it is a bit of an exercise in pain endurance for me, personally.

After my second box, now I only order the Ultra Greens.  That’s the one I feel is the healthiest and gives me the most bang for my buck.


How Thick Are Kencko Smoothies?

Most of the Kencko smoothies I tried are similar as far as their thickness.  They are like watered-down smoothies.  They aren’t thick like Jamba Juice smoothies.  You can make them thicker by using milk instead of water, but they still won’t be of the same consistency as something like Jamba Juice.

But on the flip side, they also are cheaper and easier than Jamba smoothies.  And ultimately, I want something that is easy to put into my body, and Kencko smoothies definitely fit the bill there.

In fact, they’re easier to ingest than a typical Jamba style of smoothie since they are more water-like.  I can literally take down the whole smoothie within a minute, and I could never do something like that with a thick smoothie.


Do Kencko Smoothies Lose Nutrients and Fiber By Being in Powder Form?

Since I don’t like spending time preparing fruits and veggies, and I also don’t always like chewing them, I often find myself looking for ways to make it easier to consumer them.

One problem, though, is if you get fruit or veggie juices, for example, a lot of times they don’t include the fiber and therefore are missing one of the most critical nutritional benefits that make fruits and veggies worth consuming in the first place.

That’s what got me interested in Kencko.  They say they freeze dry their fruits and veggies, and that with that process, they preserve 90% of the original nutritional value (including fiber).  I was able to verify this independently through a third-party website.

This, to me, makes Kencko awesome.  This is exactly what I want:  a really easy-to-consume assortment of fruits and veggies that preserve most of their nutritional value.


Overall Kencko Review Score

My overall score is 9 out of 10 for Kencko.  It seems like a great solution for meeting my fruit and veggie intake needs each day.  I’m fine with the flavors, it’s really easy, and I love that the freeze-drying has almost no negative impact on the nutritional value.

I am so satisfied that I am set up with a recurring delivery every three weeks.


Discount and Coupon Code for Kencko

For a while, Kencko has been offering new subscribers a discount of $20 off on their first order if they use a referral link.  You can use mine if you want.  Just click here to see if Kencko is still offering the $20 off to new customers who sign up this way.









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