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Review of Oakland Coliseum Diamond Level Seats

This is a review of the Diamond Level seats at Oakland Coliseum (or whatever you call that stadium these days!).

My friend and I went to an A’s game where they played against the Pirates, and we got some seats in the Diamond Level.  The experience was sensational and created some unforgettable memories for us.


So first of all, the Diamond Level seats are the ones that are right behind home plate.  The picture above gives you an idea of how close that is.  If you happen to be in the “center” of the Diamond Level section, then you’re in those seats where you’ll be visible on TV.

The Diamond Level seats not only give you great views of the game.  They come with many more perks.  Here are some of the cool features of getting these tickets:


Private Entrance

That’s right:  to get to these seats, you have to enter a separate part of the stadium that is not accessible from the normal entrances.  In fact, the way to get to these seats is by using the same entrance that the players and their families use!

After you go through the entrance, you’re walking through tunnels that are like the access corridors for players.  If you’re a baseball fanatic like me, then you know how phenomenal of an experience this was for me.

There are signs like that throughout the corridors, which gives you an idea of how awesome our access was in these tunnels.

We had to go down multiple flights of stairs with twists and turns in the tunnels.  It was like going into the underbelly of the stadium.

Then we passed by the Pirates locker room:

From that visitors locker room, then our corridor was split into two, with one side for fans and one side for players!  Check it out:

As we went down the stairs, a player from the Pirates came out and starting walking to the game.  You can see in the picture here that we’re sitting here walking the halls of the stadium with a Pirates player!  (It’s backup catcher Jordan Comadena)

As far as I’m concerned, that tunnel experience alone was worth the price of admission.  There just aren’t many opportunities in life where you can to have that close of proximity to the players, especially at the prices you can get Diamond Level Seats for.


All You Can Eat Food

That’s right.  If you buy Diamond Tickets, the price you pay includes all-you-can-eat food.  You can have up to three alcoholic beverages, and otherwise all you can drink non-alcoholic beverages  Here’s the menu we were given:

The menu looks pretty limited, but I can tell you this:  we had way more food and treats than we could handle.  Our server was constantly checking if we needed anything, and many times she came out with things we didn’t even ask for to see if we wanted them.

One time she came out with bags of peanuts.

One time she came out with ice cream sandwiches.

One time she came out with warm cookies.

And then near the end of the game, she gave each of us a bag with an assortment of candy and treats.

It was incredible!  It really felt like we were being pampered.  And this lady said yes to whatever we asked for.  It truly was an “all you can eat” arrangement, and they expected us to load up.


Great for Autographs

The Diamond Seats give you such good access to the players as they enter or exit the field.  If you are the type who likes to get autographs, you might get a lot of good opportunities.

Check out this picture of Connor Joe of the Pirates walking by:

It shows you just how close we were to the players.  Although Connor does appear to possibly be snubbing that little kid in the picture!

They can also hear everything you say since they’re so close, so you can often catch a player’s attention and they’ll look right at you, and then you can wish them a good game, or tell them something you appreciate about their performance, etc.  It’s a phenomenal experience that you just can’t get from typical seats at the ballpark.


The Views!

These seats are so close!

We’re right on top of everything.  You can see the break on curveballs.  You can see the expressions on players’ faces.  These are really as good as it gets in terms of seeing the game up close.

As you can see from this picture, we were also right near the batter in the on-deck circle (Oneil Cruz of the Pirates):

The people in our section were also lively and fun.  We ended up making friends with two different sets of people near us.  We all had a fun time rooting for players during the game.



If you are someone who loves baseball, I can’t think of a better experience than the one we got from the Diamond Level tickets, especially for the price we paid (around $150 per ticket in May 2024).

Going to baseball games is already fun, but to get this level of accessibility to the players is way, WAY beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

And the cost of the food we consumed must have had a retail value of at least half of the price we paid for the ticket.  When you consider that, the value of these seats was outrageously good.

I can’t wait to go again!










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