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What a Week

OMG! Do you ever just have those weeks when you are so tired that you are just like this:

Because that is so me this week!

In case you don’t already know because you live under a rock and have missed my awesomeness (ok, who am I kidding? I’m totally still a newbie!), I’m Kayla from Shoeaholic No More and I’m working with Cat from Budget Blonde on her newest project here.

While I’m extremely excited and very grateful to be working with Cat on this site, I’m also very tired and very stressed this week.

You see, on top of my regularly programmed schedule of events, I’ve added our county fair to my life this week.

While this may not see to be a big deal for some, I am a volunteer on the Fair Board and the 4-H/Extension Office Board. As a former 4-Her myself, my brother and I also take a couple kids under our wings each year too. Though this makes for a crazy schedule, I know it’s only for about 1 week out of the year (of 5 am-11pm days) that we spend helping these kids.

As if that’s not enough of over-committing myself this week, I promised Cat I’d put in some time with this blog of hers too AND my computer has been in the shop since Monday afternoon, which makes it pretty hard to work. 🙁

I know this week’s post has been short (and sweet, right?!), but I promise to make it all up to you with an extra-awesome post the beginning of next week.

Enough about me, how’s your week been?

PS: I know I shouldn’t complain, after all Cat’s got her hands full with the twins and a hubs in med school too! I don’t know how she does it!

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