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Stepchild Faves – March 2015

I feel like I was just working on the last edition of the Stepchild Faves last week, but alas it is time for the March 2015 edition already!

Spring has finally sprung in my part of the country. We’ve been having weather with temperatures from the mid-50s up to the mid-80s for the couple of weeks or so and I have been loving it! The only downside to the nice weather is that my front lawn is already screaming for a drink of water as it tries to green up and it’s only March! Oh well, I still love the warmer weather!

Here are our top 5 fave posts from March in no particular order:

Budgets are Sexy – My Answer to all Financial Debates – This is a great post because J.$ tells us that it’s ok to tackle whichever financial goal gets us the most excited. When I read this article I was excited because generally people are all about giving advice and telling us to tackle whichever goal makes the most sense mathematically. This is just now how my brain always works, so thanks for the permission J$! 🙂

Budget and the Beach – The Important of Rest – I totally have a hard time taking a day off without feeling guilty and stressed about it. In fact, when I do try to take some time off to just relax and rest, I typically find my mind wandering back to my to-do list and then I feel like I need to use my time more wisely and productively instead of just sitting there. This is definitely something I’m working on because everybody needs a day off now and then.

Club Thrifty – Yes, I’m Getting a Tax Refund (and 4 Reasons I Don’t Care) I got a tax refund this year too and like Holly, I don’t really care. My refund was small and if I had that money all year it couldn’t have been enough more productive to really make a difference. Now, my friend who got a $7,000 refund should definitely be changing her with-holdings for this next year because that’s a lot of money!

Debt Roundup – Why We Chose a 30-Year Mortgage Over All Others – I love Grayson’s reasoning in this post about why he decided to go with a 30-year mortgage even though he could have afforded the higher payment of a shorter-term mortgage. He tells us that he likes having the extra buffer in his budget from the lower payment of his 30-year mortgage just in case. Though Grayson does still plan to pay off his mortgage much quicker, and thankfully he has the self-discipline to actually do it!

Frugal Rules – 7 Stupid Money Mistakes I Can’t Believe I’ve Made – I enjoyed this post because it’s refreshing to hear that even the people we might consider to be financial role models to us in the PF blogosphere have still made money mistakes too. In this post, John shares some of his past financial mistakes with us and also takes the time to explain how those mistakes came about and what he’s done since then so they aren’t repeated.

That’s all for this round peeps. We hope you have a great weekend and get to enjoy some spring weather very soon!

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