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September 2013 Recap & October 2013 Goals

Heeeey, October! Where the hell did September go? 2013 is going far too fast. But October is pretty cool too. I’m not a Halloween person (I don’t like spending money on costumes or going to clubs, so it’s never really been my thing) but October is filled with pumpkin goodness so I’m not mad about it.


Due to multiple odd circumstances (lots of one-off work, getting paid for a lot of August’s work, etc.), I pulled in more freelance income in September compared to usual. After expenses, I made $2,808.54 in writing/V.A. income for the month. I also made $13.03 from my DietBet. Hey, every penny counts, right?

Together, Steve and I managed to get our income back up to normal. Woot! I was anticipating a few months of struggle before we did this, but we kicked ass and we’re good to go.

Debt payments this month were $985.72. Originally, I wanted to pay down more this month, but it’s all good. Instead we built up a buffer in our bills account for slow months and did our fall shopping.

25 BEFORE 25

7 completed, 7 in progress, and 11 not yet started. 8 months to go!

I was able to cross “Find a red wine I love” off my list. Malbec and Pinot Noir are both fab. And just like so many drink transitions I’ve made in the past (Pepsi to Diet Pepsi, coffee with cream and sugar to black coffee), it took about 3 days for red wine to become the only wine I’m interested in. Weird how that works…


This month I was obsessed with: red wine, sudoku (I recently became re-obsessed), and making my plans for 2014.


The amount of FAIL here is astounding. As such, I’ll just tell you the two goals I actually accomplished. I did win my DietBet and I did put up a HIRE ME page. Everything else was a total flop. Boo. C’mon, Erin, get it together!


Let’s try this again with just three doable goals.

Get some freaking reading done! I love reading but I kept neglecting my Kindle this month. I want to finish 3 books this month. This shouldn’t be too hard as I currently have two in process and I have quite the solo flight ahead of me to St. Louis for FinCon.

Pay down Chase card to under $1,000. I am so ready to be done with this debt.

Behave like a normal human being at FinCon13. You guys, I am terrified that my socially awkward self is going to act like a weirdo in St. Louis.

Take pity on my introverted soul and give me a glass of wine if you see me. Then we can have a normal conversation. Thankfully, I should be relatively normal around the blogger buddies I’ve made IRL.

Oh by the way, you won’t even believe this. I’m a finalist for Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog for the Plutus Awards! Thank you guys for nominating me, I feel oh so special. I’m up against the likes of Club Thrifty and Financial Uproar, so I won’t win, but it feels pretty cool to be in such hilarious company :).

That’s it for now! Have a fab Wednesday!

How was your September? Any awesome opossum plans for October? 

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