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An Overview of Plumbing Services in Skokie

Whether you are living or doing business in Skokie or plan to relocate there soon, certain issues need to be planned and worked out well in advance. It is an important task to ensure that you home and/or office has a proper water supply system installed and that it is functional. Select a property to live or work in only after ensuring this.

The good news that that there are some great plumbers in Skokie, such as Mike’s Chicago Plumbing, which not only offer inspection services but also 24 hour emergency plumbing services in Skokie and the rest of Chicago.

Plumbing Services in an Existing Property in Skokie

To inspect the plumbing in an existing property water-account, you first need to hire a trustworthy plumbing service. For instance, Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services offers plumbing services to for residential and commercial properties 7 days a week, apart from providing 24 hour emergency plumbing services in Skokie and other locations across Chicago.

The company has created a niche for itself through its hassle-free services and has become a trustworthy name across households, today. They offer a wide range of plumbing and sewer installation and maintenance services for customer homes and the businesses as well. They also guarantee to make available licensed plumbers within 45 minutes of receiving a service request.

Plumbing Services in a New Property or Vacant Land

In contrast to existing properties, when you need services for a new property or vacant land, you will need to contact the representatives at the Water and Sewer division of the Public Works Department of the village of Skokie. Skokie is among the few of communities with an accredited Police, Fire and Public Works Department of its own. The department comprises teams of technical and administrative personnel, offering services to residents the area.

List of Plumbing Services Provided by the Public Works Departments – Water and Sewer Division

The dedicated Water and Sewer Division of the Public Works Department works daily, addressing issues of the residents, including maintenance and repair of:

  • Water mains
  • Household service lines from the water main to the B-Box
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Water distribution valves
  • Street drainage structures
  • Sewer and Flood control appurtenances
  • Replacing the malfunctioning and non-working water meters.


Other than these services, the division offers technical assistance to homeowners experiencing problems with their household service lines. In addition to these services, the Public Works Department takes care of engineering, flood control, snow and ice control, leaf pick-up, street sweeping, solid waste management and recycling, sidewalk replacement and tree maintenance; in order to ensure a high quality life to the residents of the area.

Although they are committed to performing their duties related to infrastructure maintenance, apart from disseminating information; the department might locate an outside contractor under a utility service, if required. Several plumbing and sewer service providers offer their services in Skokie but it is best to look for one that has years of experience and a good track record of customer satisfaction.

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