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June 2013 Recap & July 2013 Goals

Time, stop going so fast. Please and thank you.


Where do I even begin? In June, I celebrated my 24th birthday, quit my very first “real job”, and took a slightly spontaneous weeklong vacation to North Carolina. ‘Twas a good month.

June 5th — MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 24 years old and made a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turn 25. Check it out, I updated it for the month. Making progress. We kept the celebrations pretty low key with Mongolian BBQ & wine. It was a great day.

I also took advantage of a lot of birthday freebies. Eight, to be exact! A few freebies included free hibachi from Benihana, a free latte from Caribou Coffee, and a free sandwich from Au Bon Pain. If you want to hear more about birthday freebies, check out my girl Erin’s post HERE. (She’s half of the Fabulous-Brilliant-Awesome Erins who happen to be the Greatest in All the Land. Better recognize.)

June 6th — Mom calls and invites me to go with her to North Carolina on the 23rd, giving me exactly one day to decide whether or not I wanted to leave my job three weeks earlier than planned. HI, MOM!

June 7th — Put in my two weeks’ notice.

The last two weeks of work were pretty chill. Just wrapping things up and saying my goodbyes. It still hasn’t totally sunk in that I’m done. That’s crazy, right?

June 18th — Went to my uncle’s place for Father’s Day with my amazing Dad. HI, DAD!

June 23rd – June 30th — Vacation with Mom to North Carolina. We spent time in Elizabeth City, Duck, and Manteo and also went up to Norfolk, VA. It was a great vacation — I’ll post all about it when I do my budget recap.

Another note, I know the site has had problems lately (slow load times, being down for excessive amounts of time). Hopefully this will all be resolved soon. I will be changing hosts and then everything should be okay. Thanks for sticking with me.


Um, all my money was stolen this month. Stolen. And stuff was left in its place. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

So yeah, we spent a lot this month. Makes sense since we are almost unemployed, no? We bought a laptop out of necessity (previously had been using my work laptop) and a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I price matched it for a Father’s Day deal if that makes things any better. We also BOTH needed clothes. Steve picked up shoes, a tie, a belt, jeans, two dress shirts, and a pair of dress pants. I picked up four tops, two tanks, a dress, shoes, two pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and two pairs of sweats. Yes, we bought everything either on sale or with a coupon. No, it was not cheap. We don’t buy things full price as a general rule, but we don’t cheap out on clothes. #SorryNotSorry

I did a bit of shopping in NC as well, but I’ll talk about that later. I didn’t buy much and it was all beverage related.

I made $291.52 in freelance income this month and $808.00 from selling stuff — furniture payments and selling some books to Half Price. I also received $100 for my birthday.

I made $1,079.22 in debt payments this month. Lower than usual because of the upcoming move.


This month, I was obsessed with Goodreads (add me as a friend!) and “32” (parody of TSwift’s “22”).


I was all over the place this month.

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Reign in spending to a reasonable level. FAIL! *laughs hysterically* See above.

Go on vacation and have a great time. PASS! I thought I was going to Toronto this month (pushed back to next month), but instead I went to North Carolina. I had a blast!

Sell 10 things. PASS! I sold over 10 books. So pass, but in a lazy way.

Inquire about at least three freelance projects. PASS! And I got one of them…holla!

Have an amazing 24th birthday! PASS! Anyone else think I make my goals WAY too easy?


Honestly, July is going to be so ridiculously insane that I don’t want to get too crazy with the goals. So I’ll just do two REAL goals.

Secure another freelance gig. Anyone looking for a VA?

Lose 3 pounds. Just the tip of the iceberg (okay, well the entire iceberg is 15 pounds, but whatever) but it’s a start. This should be interesting considering I will be homeless half the month and eating out quite a bit. Portion control and physical activity, be my homeboys.

How was your June? What are your July goals?

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