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I’M BACK! and More Good News

Hello, bestest friends! For the 2 of you that actually noticed I haven’t been blogging, I’m back! My cross-country road trip/move is over and I’m glad to have the chance to talk with all you fabulous people again.

If you are true Erin fans, you know I actually have been writing — just not here. In the past couple weeks, I’ve picked up some more freelance work as well as co-founded a site called economag — the best new site you aren’t reading yet! Start reading it. I’ll keep plugging it here until every RDS reader is also an economag reader. Test me if you dare.

So now I’m back and ready to write regularly again on Red Debted Stepchild. Which is exciting. But not nearly as exciting as my first five days in Portland.

Day 1: Found apartment!

Day 2: Put apartment application in! (My fab Dad co-signed because apparently apartments aren’t too keen on renting to people without income. Go figure.)


That’s right. Three days in Portland, we didn’t even have an address yet, and my fabulous husband found a job! Such a badass.

Day 4: Approved for apartment!

Day 5: Moved into apartment!

So here I am writing this on Day 6 (Sunday) from my new place. It’s fab by the way. We found a studio in our price range and it’s pretty awesome.

The Good:

– Utilities included. We just have to pay for Wi-Fi.

– Great view! The view from the roof is amazing and overlooks the whole city.

– Super walkable neighborhood. Walk score of 94! Tons of restaurants and bars as well as easily accessible public transportation.

– Secured. Key card access for all entrances.

– Lots of closet space.

– Credit card operated washers and dryers. Apartment dwellers will understand how awesome it is to not have coin-operated laundry.

The Bad:

– Itty bitty kitchen. Like really, really small.


Yes, that little white thing is the fridge.
Yes, that little white thing is the fridge.

– No A/C. We thought this would suck, but it actually isn’t too bad. Planning on picking up a fan anyways.

– Evil shower. Our shower is abusive — it freaking pelts you with water. We need to get this fixed.

I really love our new place — little fridge and all!

I do have one more little piece of excitement to share with you guys. First, a little back story. Before I started blogging, Steve opened up a restaurant for a year. Unfortunately, due to a bad partnership and an even worse location, we decided to close it down. During this time, he went the entrepreneur route and I worked a stable job. The tables have turned.

I am excited to announce that I will be taking the next year to focus on freelancing. I may work part time here and there to pitch in a little more, but my focus will be expanding my freelance business. After a period of one year, we will evaluate whether or not freelancing is lucrative enough for me to continue. I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and I look forward to seeing how this year goes. A lot can change in a year so it will be interesting to see how I feel after 12 months have passed. Wish me luck :).

What’s going on in your world? Give me exciting news!

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