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I didn’t mean to be frugal, honest!

When people start budgeting to pay off debt or save up for a goal, they generally try to “frugalize”. They cut back on things they don’t value and sometimes they even cut back on things they do value in order to reach their goals quicker. That sounds like it sucks.

Obviously if I had led a more frugal life, I probably definitely wouldn’t be dealing with so much debt. But what’s done is done. I eventually figured out that instead of being frugal, I could be minimalistic. That’s way cooler and sucks way less.  That sbeing said, I do have some frugal tendencies that are completely accidental. Because god knows I would never be frugal intentionally.

I didn’t mean to be frugal, but:

I don’t buy coffee out.* I have a Keurig at home and a Keurig at work. There is absolutely no reason for me to be later in the morning than I already am by stopping for coffee. I’m also frugal because I drink my coffee black, so I don’t buy creamer or Splenda.

I don’t have expensive hobbies. I like watching TV, reading, the Internet, and writing. Watching TV is $15.98/month (Netflix & Hulu), reading is free (library & blogs), Internet is free (our 4/20 friendly neighbors haven’t figured out how to put a password on their Wi-Fi yet), and writing is either free (this blog) or I get paid to do it (Money After Graduation & Careful Cents). I actually net a profit from my hobbies. Holla!

I don’t buy pajamas. Okay, get your heads out of the gutter. I steal Steve’s shirts to sleep in because they are comfy. He hates it, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

 I don’t have pets. Am I afraid of the costs of Fido or Fluffy? No, I’m just not an animal person. Not only do pets cost a ton, but they are destructive, dirty, and only cute for a few months. Sacrilege, I know! Oh well, that’s how I feel. (P.S. When I have children someday, the very first lie I will tell them as a parent is that Daddy is allergic to animal hair. And so is Santa.)

I don’t waste gas. I hate driving. Hate it. I am the most anxious driver ever so I only drive when absolutely necessary. Come to think of it, I’m a pretty anxious backseat driver as well. If I ride with you, I WILL check your blind spot. I can’t help it.

Are you accidentally frugal? Or are you frugal on purpose? Or YOLO, so screw frugality?

*I do buy coffee out for road trips home or out of state. But those don’t happen very often, just ask my mother. I also buy the occasional pumpkin spice latte during the fall because pumpkin is the greatest thing ever in life and I don’t care that my $3 latte could have been $614,754.71 in 80 years** had I invested it.

**I didn’t do the math on this, so there is no need to check my figure. It’s 100% wrong.

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