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5 Costs You Can Avoid When Moving to a New House

Purchasing your home is a milestone in every person’s life. Finalizing and buying the house, packing up all of your belongings from your parent’s house, college or apartment, moving it and arranging it in your brand new home can be extremely exciting. Unfortunately, moving to a new house also means racking up tons of costs. Even if you have managed to find a suitable low deposit mortgage that saved you from paying a huge down payment, it is a no-brainer that you need to avoid unnecessary costs when moving.

Here are 5 costs you should avoid when moving to your new house. Creating a moving schedule can help motivate you to accomplish everything in a timely fashion.

  1. Packing & UnpackingRemoval companies will offer a variety of products and services to assist you during this process. Sit down and make a moving budget. Then, write down the products or services that are absolutely necessary. You might save money by packing and unpacking yourself. Be sure to “label” your boxes.
  2. Purchasing Boxes & Supplies

Did you know that many companies toss out perfectly good cardboard boxes every day? You could talk to a local shop owner or check out the garbage bin behind a major store for large moving boxes. Purchasing all of your boxing supplies from a mover can be quite expensive.

  1. Hidden Costs

Research different removal companies in the months before your move. Professional removal companies should send out an individual to view your belongings ahead-of-time to estimate the cost. Get everything in writing and look for hidden costs before you sign the contract. Save the written estimate; on the day of the move, make sure the contract is the same.

  1. Damage Insurance

A removal company should guarantee the condition of your belongings without additional insurance being purchased. Shop around to find a firm that can guarantee that your belongings will arrive in “good condition” as part of the basic rate.

  1. Everything is in our Lorry Scheme

Investigative reporters have taped removal companies who would try to extort an extra fee once everything was in their lorry. Don’t fall for this scam. Having male family members nearby can help prevent con artists from trying this scam.

Moving your belongings to a new home can be a challenge. You should plan ahead so you can avoid incurring unnecessary costs and avoid headaches.

What other moving tips do you have to cut down on costs?

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