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Happy Birthday, Steve! Bring on the GIFs…

Today is my fabulous husband’s 27th birthday. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the mushy gushiness to Facebook and real life where it belongs. Naturally, in true Erin form, I’ve found a way to make this post all about me. Such a great catch, aren’t I?

So here’s to you, Steve, the wonderful man who deals with someone…

…as food obsessed as Liz Lemon.

…as domestically-challenged as Andy.

…whose hair looks like Ellie’s in the morning.

…as over-dramatic as Ross.

…who thinks staying home drinking wine is a rocking night.

…as introverted as April.

…as immature as Fat Schmidt.

…as bossy as Miranda Priestly.

…who won’t stop talking about blogging. Ever.

…as socially awkward as Bones.

…as neurotic as Tweak.

…who can be as critical as Winston.

…who gets MAD when she gets mad.

…who is a bigger attention whore than Stewie.

…as full of herself as Michael Scott.

I lied, a bit of mushiness starts….now! 

All semi-joking aside, I feel very fortunate to have someone as smart, hardworking, affectionate, loving, and adventurous as Steve in my life. Someone who calms me down when I’m freaking out about something silly and takes care of my high maintenance self when I’m sick. Someone who brings me back down to Earth when my impulsiveness takes over. Someone who, for whatever reason, continues to believe that the sun shines out of my ass. And, let’s be honest, someone who is pretty damn easy on the eyes. I’m a very, very lucky person to have someone more amazing than I deserve in my corner every day.

Happy birthday, Steve! You don’t look a day over 26 ;).

[Images from Buzzfeed]

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