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Tricks to Save More Money at Target

Target is not one of those corporations whose only motive is to make more money. The customer service and infrastructure of all Target stores are incomparable to others in the business.

Why does shopping at Target feels so special?

Target has products that appeal to different demographics. This is why you will find people of all ages and beliefs coming to Target and loving their shopping experience. In addition, it also offers numerous ways to shop at low or discounted prices. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of those offers.

Here are the five tricks to save more money at Target.

1. Look for clearance items

Each month Target marks down prices on items that are either difficult to sell or in surplus. You will find everything from basic T-shirts to household essentials in the clearance sale section. Furthermore, don’t be under the impression that you are buying a second-grade product for a low price. All the clearance items at Target are of the same quality as the new arrivals, and you can save some money by buying them.

2. Use store coupons

Target’s website is the best place to find store coupons. You can look for their top deals in every category. So, instead of directly heading to the store and getting overwhelmed by so many options, you can select a Target store in your area and decide what you will buy beforehand. This is one of the easiest ways to save money at Target.

3. Weekly ads by Target can save you a lot of money

Want discount codes directly in your email inbox? Sign up for Target’s Weekly ads and get an exclusive offer and weekly ad reminders. Just go to this page and enter your contact information.

4. REDcard

REDcard is another way to save money at Target. There are three main benefits of using a Target REDcard: 5% discount off all purchases, free 2-day home delivery, and extended returns. You can opt for a credit card if you have good credit and want to continue to build it. Or get a Debit card which will be linked to your checking account. Either way, you can save a lot of money with REDcard, if you like getting your shopping done at Target.

5. Download the Target app

The Target shopping app is available for both Android and iPhones. This app is for anyone who shops at Target more than twice a month. Target provides Cartwheel offers to app users, which are accessible by tapping on a button on the home screen. You will find active offers, eligible items, and terms & conditions.


The Cartwheel app and REDcard are two must-have money-saving tools to shop at Target. Make sure you create a shopping list before entering the store, or you will be overwhelmed. Most people end up overspending when they don’t have a shopping list and budget.

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