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Change isn’t Always Bad

Change tends to be one of the things in life that I don’t look forward to very much. I like having a daily routine (for the most part) and I enjoy knowing what is coming next due to my OCD-ish planning skills.

I have always had a plan for life and that plan has never included anything sudden, drastic, or spontaneous. That’s the nature of having a plan. But even planned changes can be difficult.

Change in one area of your life will always affect the others, even if the change is small or subtle. For example, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and work out more. Although these changes seem to be in the “health” aspect of my life, they have affected other things, like my finances.

Eating healthier costs a little bit more than eating cheap junk food. It also takes more time to cook and eat healthy, and to workout. This new time commitment takes away from other things in my day, like TV time, but sometimes even work time.

This post is not to say that change is bad. It isn’t, and sometimes change can be very, very good.

In my case, I have a long way to go to get my weight and health back under control. I want to be healthier so that once I’m debt free I can travel with more ease and go on adventures. I imagine that doing adventurous things like hiking in jungles in South America, or walking for long distances in big cities would  be much easier if I’m toting around less body weight. (Kudos to my friend John who is doing amazing on his weight loss journey!)

Change can have a positive affect on your finances too. Although it takes more time and a bit more money for me to find, buy, prepare, and eat healthy foods, I will be saving money in other areas instead. I expect that my medical bills will decrease over the long-term because of being healthier, and I might save money on clothes too because the larger the size the more it costs (in some cases).

All that said, change can be difficult to accept and right now I’ve got a lot of change going on in my life and in my business. I’m doing my best to go with the flow and not be so rigid, but it is difficult to let go of some of my type A-ness and just relax.

Not only am I working on financial change by paying off debt, and changes to my health, but my business is under-going some radical changes too. All of these changes are inter-twined to some degree, but that isn’t to say that they are all dependent on each other for 100% success.

You readers will be going through some change in the near future too as this site goes through another period of transition. I can’t say where it’s going for I have no idea, but I do have hope that it will still be an inspiring and fun place for you to go to learn about finances and maybe even share your own story.

Change is hard but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for the better.

Are you going through any tough changes right now?

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