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Borrowing is a critical part of the financial picture for any person or business.

It can be the key to buying a house or helping your business maintain working capital. And for many, the ability to avoid borrowing can make a huge difference in things like saving for retirement.

At CashBlog, we recognize the importance of your borrowing decisions and we’re here to provide you with expert insights to help guide you.

CashBlog Commandment #1: Wake Up!

Waking up: Rocky’s way vs. mine DH = Dear Husband I always know when our dog Rocky has woken up. Thump, thump, thump. It’s the  sound of

Debt-Repayment and Built-in “Cheats”

Spring weight gain DH = Dear Husband I started noticing in May that my summer clothes weren’t fitting. Only loose dresses would do. Summer pants? Nope.

Debt Reduction & Emotional Stability

Business slowdown in first year of debt-reduction = emotional low DH = Dear Husband “I haven’t been sleeping well lately . . . Thoughts of

Debt Payoff Isn’t Just About Discipline

There’s been some talk lately, both here and at other personal finance sites, about how to find that balance between treating your debt as an

Debt Freedom: Success is About Consistency

One of the things that I think scares people off from pursuing a goal of debt freedom is the fear of failure. Often times, a

A Couple Gets On The Same Financial Page

I have the privilege of working with Curt, an award-winning high school teacher who is loved by students and staff alike. Last spring, Curt and

7 Steps to Financial Success

Often times, people get discouraged when they think about achieving financial success because they feel so far from reaching the finish line. CashBlog thinks of

5 Steps to Getting Out of Debt

If you’re faced with what seems like an impossible amount of debt right now, fear not. By following a simple and concise plan, it is

36 and Mortgage Free: One Family’s Journey

Our guest today is Will, a colleague at the high school where I work. As a teacher, I find it interesting to see different people

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