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Carnival of Personal Finance — Rainy Days, Wine, & Dorking Out

I’m a big fan of rainy days. They give me an excuse to stay in pajamas all day, light up every pumpkin candle there is, and drink wine before 5. As I recently moved to a city known for its rain (Portland, OR), I have very happy six to nine months ahead of me.

As I sit here, wine glass in hand, listening to the dedicated soccer fans at a nearby stadium cheering in the rain, I also spend time reading blogs and updating my spreadsheets. I’m that brand of nerd. At this point, pretty much everything has been done in the PF blogosphere but I keep reading. There is something awesome about a good “someone making money their bitch” story that keeps me coming back. Throw in some humor and a bit of sarcasm and I’m totally hooked. So without further ado, here’s this week’s chosen carnival submissions. If the post is bolded, it’s because I think it’s the dog’s tuxedo (or cat’s pajamas for those not versed in SATC).

What do I do on a rainy day (not necessarily all at the same time)?

Update my DEBT spreadsheets…

Michael at Nerd’s Eye View discusses mortgages in retirement: reverse vs. traditional.

Not sure how to deal with debt collectors? Check out Kristen’s post at My Dollar Plan!

Editor’s Pick: Credit cards: friend or foe? John at Narrow Bridge Finance gives three great reasons to use them.

…obsessively check my CREDIT score

Looking for a new credit card with awesome travel rewards? Check out our review of the Amex Gold Card.

Editor’s Pick: Ryan at The Better Credit Blog has five simple techniques to optimize your credit score.

Harry talks credit card bonuses on Your PF Pro.

…wondering how far my wine money would go if I INVESTED it…

Hadley at Epic Finances talks about the most common investing mistakes. Avoid these if you want a shot at reaching Warren Buffett-like greatness.

The only thing that is constant is change and the world of dividend investing is no different. Dividend Growth Investor talks long term dividend growth investing.

Don’t know how to buy stocks?  Check out our guide here.  And check our article about making money in the stock market.

Did you know that a large number of mutual funds fail entirely? Bob at Dwindling Debt discusses.

Should equity exposure decrease in retirement?“, asks Michael from Nerd’s Eye View.

Editor’s Pick: Investor Junkie shares the Dividend Aristocrats list of 2013 — a list of the 54 companies that have increased their dividends for 25 years straight.

You need to diversify your portfolio, pronto! Amy at Money Mishaps discusses why.

How awesome is compound interest? Jack at Money Savings Ethics discusses your money making money!

Barbara Friedberg at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance discusses the Fed’s influence on your investment portfolio.

…trying to MANAGE MY MONEY well by staying in and not buying more candles…

You seriously shouldn’t be paying checking account fees anymore. Glen Graig at Free From Broke discusses free options.

Government shutdowns could mean missing paychecks for our military. Spencer discusses how to makes ends meet at Military Money Manual.

Do you keep a buffer in your checking account? Emily from Evolving Personal Finance discusses time buffers.

Miranda at Prairie Eco-Thrifter discusses money tips for newlyweds.

Editor’s Pick: Pauline at Reach Financial Independence knows that money is just money. It can fix most of life’s little problems, which is why having more of it can make your life easier.

Jon at Novel Investor discusses how to avoid the IRA early withdrawal penalty.

Lenny at Best Money Saving Blog talks about how to lower your taxes in your golden years.

Do you really need the iPhone 5S? Monica at Monica on Money says no!

Would a million bucks make you feel like a million bucks? Kim at Eyes on the Dollar wants to know if being a millionaire would make you rich.

…pondering the ECONOMY…

Editor’s Pick: Do you get what you pay for? Grayson at On Better Terms discusses price and quality.

Lazy Man and Money wants higher gas prices! What do you think?  Or do you prefer to save on gas??

…setting up automatic SAVINGS to keep me from blowing all my cash on wine…

Want to start saving money? Stop spending it! Moneystepper discusses how.

Editor’s Pick: Justin at So Over This discusses how to save up for a down payment by yourself.

…working on building my CAREER…

Who hasn’t wanted to be on TV? Tonya talks about her experience as an extra on the show Parenthood on Make Money Your Way.

Editor’s Pick: How do you explain a sabbatical or employment gap to potential employers? Justin at Root of Good discusses extended breaks from work.

Sam at The New Business Blog talks about how to start a new online business.

…hating FRUGALITY (like every other day)…

Want to graduate debt free? Vanessa at Vanessa’s Money thinks you should move to Quebec!

Emily at Evolving Personal Finance discusses how she watches TV for free! Have you cut the cord yet?

Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff talks one way car rentals. They are actually pretty cheap!

Do you negotiate your everyday expenses? Marissa at Thirty Six Months talks haggling and bartering.

Editor’s Pick: The PoPs noticed that after 5 years, some of their products are getting worn out. Check out Mrs. PoP’s piece on bringing new life back into the old!

Daniel at Make Money Make Cents discusses how to save money on everyday purchases.

Marissa at Finance Triggers suggests cheap travel ideas for fall!

…reading awesome FINANCE blogs…

Harry at The Four Hour Work Day discusses paycheck to paycheck living.

Editor’s Pick: Sometimes financial responsibility trumps buying your dream home! Holly at Club Thrifty discusses her decision to forgo purchasing her dream house to avoid two mortgages.

Have you created a strategic financial plan? Check out FI Pilgrim’s post on creating a game plan at FI Journey.

…and reading other RANDOM but awesome Internet ramblings.

Back that data up! Buck at Buck Inspire discusses preventing data loss.

What’s going on with Gen Y? Marie discusses at Boomer & Echo.

Thanks for stopping by, RDS readers and bloggers who are just checking to see if they made the cut! Have a great Monday!

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