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BBVA compass review


BBVA Compass Bank Review: Here’s What Their Customers Think about Them

BBVA Compass is a leading bank around USA with over 716 branches.

It is rated the best bank ranked top 20 on deposit market share in the category of commercial bank. It involvement in the lending for small business has enabled it be ranked the best small businesses administration earning prestigious award in lending in the year 2009 and 2010.

Compass bank is known for being one of the largest banks in US with over 716 branches in New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Alabama, California, Arizona.

It is popular in America due to its various world class services including credit facility and packages, business investment and personalized services.

Being located in various state in America, the compass bank has become the local trusted bank by most American.

Services BBVA Compass bank offers

It operates in the three business unit of corporate banking, retail banking and wealth management hence helping its clients to achieve the set standard of saving, creating wealth and doing business.

The services and products helps in enriching people and providing a comfortable living standard.

These services include the following:

  1. Commercial and wholesale banking
  2. Treasury management
  3. Small Business Administration loans
  4. International services
  5. Online banking (if you’re new to online banking, use this login tutorial for Compass Bank).
  6. Merchant processing
  7. Retail banking services
  8. Consumer loans
  9. Mortgages, home equity lines and loans
  10. Credit cards, personalized Visa Check Cards
  11. Securities brokerage
  12. Mutual funds and annuities, financial counseling
  13. Wealth management
  14. Pension plan management and insurance

Customer Reviews

Customers served at BBVA Compass bank usually give feedback online recommend or question about a service provided or express satisfaction or dissatisfaction by the bank.

This feedback is what forms the reviews to which gives clarity for a prospective client in deciding to engage with the bank.

Positive reviews and customer satisfaction

Communication is one of the essential ways of passing information from the management to the bank.

This happens here at BBVA Compass and customers are appreciative of this fact that despite their complicated nature of transaction and queries someone listens to them.

Operation and their service is centered within the locality one is in. Getting the credit card access you need to live within the BBVA Compass and you are advised and helped greatly.

Customer care and service is one of the things centered here. Customers have been well helped and assisted in any line of support they need.

As a big bank as it is customer care is the most called section receiving and directing queries and inquiries.

It is well distributed and is in different parts across the country. This is a positive effort in reaching for services and accessing their services. Customers has no worry in getting the bank services even within other cities across USA.

Rating and the level of customer satisfaction is measured by the percentages of responses from a given column of people.

This therefore shows the bank is one of the promising service providers with transforming and upgrading their system online through debit cards and through their bank network.

Negative reviews

Customers has greatly complained of the bureaucratic procedure of handling things where subordinate staff are not aware of the mischievous happening along the customer’s line like failure of service delivery, overcharged services and increased rate.

Mortgage and car loans has seen a great displeasure from the affected customers. The bank charges unnoticeable fees without even your contact. It is hard to believe some fees are charged yet you are an esteemed customer.

General Reviews

It is a bank that has existed for a long time with a wide spread of branches across major cities in the US.

The customer service is the greatest pillar in any financial services provider and this has been rated good despite some technical problem in restoring services and products.

The major distribution of their services across the board captures majority of people and this is a way forward for a leading and successful bank as BBVA Compass.

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