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5 Minutes Saved Me $12

You know those (semi-annoying) Geico commercials? “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Well, I just saved $12 in 5 minutes, which is about 17% of my $70 purchase. So take that Geico!

When I got home from work last night, I let my dogs out in the backyard and then I went around to check the mail.

I always sort the mail as I walk back up the drive to my house so I can immediately throw away the spam mail and other trash so I can avoid having to declutter it later.

As I was sorting through the mail, I came across two postcard “checks” worth $12 each. These were from the mail-in rebate I filled out when I got my dogs’ heart worm medication for the year.

Heart worm medication is expensive, which is why most pet owners that use it only buy one box at a time for each of their pets. One box contains 6 doses for 6 months. But most hear worm medication companies offer a mail-in rebate discount if you buy a whole year’s supply at the same time.

Because I know I’m going to end up buying a whole year’s worth anyhow, I always buy a whole year’s worth for each dog when I go to the vet and then I submit 3 forms for 3 rebates (one/dog). I’ve never had a problem with this and all 3 checks usually arrive on the same day. But this time they didn’t.

After I got through the whole mail pile and saw that I was indeed 1 rebate check short I thought, “Well the post office has sucked at getting mail to its location lately, so maybe one of them is just delayed and I should wait patiently for it to arrive later.” (Yeah right, I’m not patient.)

Since I’m not patient, I decided to call and check on the 3rd check. I grabbed the photo copy I had made of all 3 filled out rebate forms to find the phone number. The customer service phone number wasn’t on the form nor was it on one of the checks I got in the mail.

I almost gave up right then, but I decided to do a quick internet search to see if I could turn it up. Luckily, it was easy to find on the internet so I gave them a call.

After only 2-3 minutes on the phone, the representative got the problem fixed and said my 3rd rebate check should be here in about 2 weeks. (Apparently their system had only registered 2 of my 3 rebate forms.)

Viola! It took me only five minutes to save that money.  Eat your heart out Geico! 🙂


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