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Internet Bill: From Free to $1.75 a Day

I am at Starbucks as I am scheduling this post. (Don’t worry, penny pinchers, I just got a tall coffee. It’s $1.75, calm down.) So why am I at Starbucks? Am I one of those pretentious writers trying to make sure people see me writing? Do I think I’m a baller? No and no. Friday night was just a tragic night in the RDS household. We no longer have Wi-Fi.

I know what you’re thinking, just call your internet provider and get things sorted out. Unfortunately, this is not an option because I wasn’t actually paying for internet. Now a combination of morality and lack of know-how prevents me from stealing Internet like some people steal cable (further lack of know-how prevents me from knowing if this is even possible). However, one of my neighbors had unsecured Wi-Fi that we used. And now it’s gone. So either they moved, stopped paying their Internet bill, or cancelled service. It was really slow, I wouldn’t blame them. Probably made slower by the fact that two households (maybe more) were using it!

TV tangent:

Nick: I refuse to pay for the wiffy!

Jess: It’s Wi-Fi.

I am well aware that I have absolutely no right to complain about Internet that I used for free being unavailable, so I won’t. I do have a dilemma now though. We are planning on ending our lease in just a couple months so I don’t really want to pay a deposit to get Internet installed just to move a few months later. I am planning on upping the data on my cell phone, but I can’t really blog or do my freelance projects that way. So I’m asking for your advice.

Do I:

(A)  Suck it up and pay the deposit and get my own Internet?

(B)  Use a combination of staying late at work and paying $1.75 for Starbucks every time I want to use the Internet? This would cost a maximum of $52.50 a month provided I went to Starbucks daily for Internet, which is unnecessary. I would probably only actually need it 2 to 3 times a week.

(C)  I don’t have an option C. Give me an option C?

While I am asking questions, what is your opinion on using unsecured Wi-Fi? Do you think it is stealing or do you think it is up to the person paying the bill to password protect their Internet? I, obviously, am of the opinion that if it is not secured, anyone can use it. Setting up a password is not difficult. Perhaps our neighbors were simply good Samaritans providing Internet for all! And perhaps not. So which is it RDS readers: stealing or savvy?

Also, happy half anniversary to Steve and me! We have been married for 3 and a half years as of today (May 6th). YAY!

Have a good week!

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