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Get Out of Debt

Tricks to Stay Debt Free using your Credit Card

Now for those people who use the credit card are often at a risk carrying out a lot of credit card debt. And once the debts get accumulated in large chunks, it may take years for them to pay for those debts.  This best way is to avoid such situations which may lead you to credit card debts.

So here are a few tips and trick that you should use so that you can avoid any such miserable kind f situation. Have a look at them!

You should have an emergency fund

There are situation in which many people have to all of a sudden pay a heavy amount due to some unforeseen incidences like medical expenses or car accidents etc. Now in these cases, if they don’t have money in the form of saving, they are forced to use their credit card balance. This eventually will lead them to be indebted. Thus having emergency funds will help you avoid credit card debts. You can pay for any of those emergency expenses and will not need to use your credit card for that matter.

Spend only as much as you can afford

This is one of the most common mistakes that leave many people indebted. While using credit cards, people often tend to buy things that are much more than what they can actually afford. Thus while making a purchase through your credit card you need to have a lot of self-control so that you don’t end up spending much more than what you can actually afford for.

Keep making your credit card payments on a regular basis

This is again a great way to avoid debts due to credit cards. You should never miss you credit card payment. This is because if you miss it once, you will be charged with some extra late fees. This way the sum gets added up and then leaves you indebted. It will create mental pressure on you and will also put a strain on your budget. So it is highly recommended that you keep making payments of your credit cards fees.

Don’t lend you credit card to someone else’s

This is one of the biggest and the most foolish mistake one can do. When you lend your card to someone else, you will have no control on the way they will use it.  No matter how much they assure that they will pay for those credit card bills, you must not go ahead and take that risk until or unless they are your most trusted person. Because you lend your credit card to someone who goes on a spree spending a lot and later on refuses to pay for the damage made to you, you are the one who will be getting into some serious trouble.


Thus by following the above-mentioned methods, you can easily avoid the debts. And thus enjoy using a debt-free credit card for that matter.

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