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This Week Was Awesome

Hiya! Cat here. This week I made it my goal to really enjoy my kids. I even tweeted about it to keep me accountable, because when you tweet something, it sets it in stone and makes it for real amiright?

Sometimes I can sort of be like this when it comes to blogging and my work on the Interwebs:

I have a serious love affair with my computer.

And, even with all the hard work, sometimes the to do list is still so long, and it seems like I’ll never finish what I set out to do that day.

Earlier this week, though, my hubs scared me to death. He called to say he was on his way home which takes 15 minutes. 45 minutes later he still wasn’t here. I called him and no answer. I texted him and he never read it.

My mind started wandering to that scary place of what if something happened to him?

Turns out the hubs is just a nice guy and was helping a lady whose car broke down and was stopping up traffic during rush hour. That’s mah man. <3

Still, if something were to happen to him or one of my twins, would it really matter if I got through my to do list? Would that post on coupons really make a difference in my life – the one I was stressing over because the deadline was looming and their website was having some technical issues?

No, it wouldn’t matter. Not really.

My work is important to me but my kids and my husband are everything. They are my life – the reason I get up in the morning. Now, I do have a responsibility to work so I can feed them all and pay my rent; however, it’s amazing how productive I was when I decided to only work during naps or at night. I still got most things done this week, and I got tons of adorable smiles and laughs from the twins in the process.

I was calmer. They were calmer. I feel the best about this week than any other one so far as a work-from-home-mommy.

Sometimes it just takes a little tweak to the schedule to get it just right.



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