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How to Pick a Name for Your Business?

What’s in a name, one might ask. As far as businesses go, the name matters a lot. It goes on to become the deciding factor for the success of your company. Logos and names are the first thing that pops in mind about a company. The half eaten logo of Apple, the window of the Windows have that edge that instant separates them from the rest of the world. There is only one Apple and one Windows. The uniqueness they carry not only comes from their work but also reflects in their brand name. The name of the company has the potential to make or ruin the company. Therefore a new business must be choose its name wisely. Here is how a name should be:

  • New and different from others

In the business world this thing is referred to as “stickiness”. Stickiness means being unforgettable and fresh in the mind of the viewers. Every company wants a name that is different from the others and remains trendy forever. This poses as a big challenge and is a sticky issue itself!

  • Easy pronunciation

You don’t want to name your company some fancy words that even you cannot pronounce. The name of a company should be simple so that everyone is able to comprehend it. Simultaneously it must be catchy also so that it grabs everyone’s attention in a quick glance and easy so that they remember it.

  • Widespread reach

A company is known by its name only and after some point of time it becomes a brand image that people start associating themselves with. People will start giving references about your company. Gradually it turns into a phenomenon from a mere business venture. But only companies with good names get to see this stage. If you want your company to grow like this then it must have a name that doesn’t restrict it to a particular group of people. It should have a wide reach. Everybody should be able to connect with it. Having a fancy name that only a few understand is not the solution.

  • Simple spelling

Sometimes people go overboard with thing of stickiness and for having that unique quality in the name, search for words so new that no one’s ever heard of. Some people also believe astrology and numerology of the alphabets and hence turn the spelling into something so weird that instead of growing the company also slides into the category of “never heard of”. So avoid such habits and stick to a simple approach for selecting a suitable name for your business. Do not have difficult spellings. Not only will it be a problem to your target audience but also has the potential of being misspelled by workers and authorities while doing paperwork.

  • Meaningful

Last but not the least, the most important thing that should be kept in mind while deciding the name of the company is that whichever name you choose must be sensible. It should not be a random collection of alphabets. You will be known by this name. Shouldn’t it have a meaningful story that connects it to the motto of your company? Name your company in such a way that it reflects who you are and what you do.

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