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When You Might Need a Discrimination Lawyer

You go to work every day, do your job well, are well-liked by others and are happy with what you do. However, there may be times where you face situations at work that can make the workplace uncomfortable for you or find that opportunities that are available to others may not be available to you. Even though you may feel that you are being discriminated against, you may feel reluctant to actually take any action because you are afraid for your job or for any retaliation that might occur as a result. If you are facing any of the below examples you may want to seek out the help of a Texas discrimination attorney to help you:

  • Age Discrimination – There are many people that feel they get passed over for promotions or raises because of their age. You may see jobs with higher pay grades going to others that are younger than you, have less experience and may not be the best fit for the job. You may also face the situation where you apply for other jobs and are passed over for what you believe is solely your age. Talking about your case with a discrimination lawyer can help you to determine if you have a valid case and what options you may have.
  • Gender – There are countless situations that occur where gender discrimination may take place at the workplace. Whether it is failing to secure a particular job because the company has decided to go strictly with someone of the other gender no matter how competent you are for the job or if you have been paid less than others doing the same job as you only because of your gender, you may have a good case of discrimination against the employer. There are a number of state and federal laws that may be available to help defend your case and a lawyer can help you to determine what is best.
  • Racial Discrimination – Sadly, discrimination based on race still goes on frequently today and you may find yourself passed over for jobs, promotions or raises because of your ethnicity. This type of discrimination is a clear violation of federal laws but you need to be able to prove your case well if you want to have any type of judgment in your favor. The help of an experienced attorney that has worked on discrimination cases in the past can be what you need.

Discrimination of any kind can cause you a great deal of anxiety and suffering and you want to do all you can to make sure you get the legal help available to you to defend your rights. For a Houston employment attorney that can help you, arrange a consultation with Khemka & Choudhary Houston Law. The law firm has experience in dealing with all kinds of discrimination cases, can assist you with a non-compete agreement or help you with any other employment issue you may have so you can be sure you are treated fairly.

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