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May 2013 Recap & June 2013 Goals

Holy bajeezus, how is it June already? May freaking flew by! Anyways, here is my monthly recap/goals…


May was not a great work month. It was pretty stressful and my schedule is getting to be very overwhelming. Hopefully things calm down after our June 15th deadline. I did talk to someone at work about it and they are going to try to do some work redistribution which makes me feel way better! Such is the life of a tax accountant. To anyone who thinks that our work stops on April 15th, you are sorely mistaken.

Outside of work, it was a wonderful month! As per my goals, I went on a bunch of cheap dates. It was great to get out of the house; the weather has just been gorgeous! I took a day off work and Steve and I headed over to Cedar Point for one glorious day of roller coaster riding. Unfortunately, the new ride and the Dragster were both down but lines were surprisingly short and we still rode a ton of rides. AND I used a coupon for $10 off each of our tickets. Am I frugal or what?

Something was very off with the universe on Memorial Day because I won two things! 1500 Days hosted a giveaway of Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger rubber ducks. I won by writing the best duck haiku. You can’t make this shit up. I was ridiculously excited! That same day, a giveaway I entered ended up being cancelled for lack of participation. So I guess I won by default. It was donation-based and I had donated $5. I ended up getting $50 back. Crazy stuff! I don’t really win stuff so I was pumped.

Also, I’m sorry that I’m terrible at commenting and sharing other peoples’ posts. I read a ton of blogs each day and since I don’t have Internet at home anymore I have to do all my reading on my lunch break. I don’t have time to read AND comment on everything but I’ll work on this. So many good blog posts this month, I wish I could share them all.


We did TERRIBLE with spending this month. We ate out a lot more than usual and somehow became so mesmerized by the awesome weather that we forgot how to budget. Need to get back on track for June!

I made $105.71 in freelance income this month and $1,779.56 from selling stuff. That was from, eBay, furniture payments, and selling our second car – it was in terrible shape and cost way more than it was worth in repairs. So thankful someone bought it from us!

I also made $2,000 in debt payments! Holla!


This month, I was obsessed with dollar beer night, Redbox, and light makeup. I love being fresh faced during summer (aka I’m lazy)!


One post for Money After Graduation:

It’s All My Fault

Read it for a kick in the pants! Also, as I mentioned Friday, I do have another staff writing gig. I start writing for L Bee & the Money Tree this month! I’m very excited; I love Lauren and her blog!


Continue to post at least three times a week on Red Debted Stepchild. PASS! Well, it’s a pass as long as you count my Memorial Day post. I have a firm “no writing on holidays” policy when I’m being lazy.

Do something active 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes. EPIC FAIL! So it was too cold and then it was too hot and then I was too sick. In other words, I was a lazy ass.

Save $2000 towards super secret savings goal and pay off $1500 of debt. PASS! I actually exceeded both goals. Hell to the yeah!

Go on a cheap date each week. PASS! From dollar beer nights with Steve to half off pizza with a friend to a frugal lunch date with Mommy, this was a definite pass. I also finally used a gift card for a wine bar that I received for my 21st birthday! That’s like a three year old gift card! AND I got free orchestra tickets from a VP at work and took a friend, L, who treated me to dinner because she’s the best. I tend to surround myself with people who are too good for me!

Keep being awesome. EPIC PASS! Need I say more?


Reign in spending to a reasonable level. After a crazy May, I need to get back on track with paying attention to our spending ESPECIALLY because it’s my birthday month.

Go on vacation and have a great time. My last vacation was in December so I’m looking forward to getting out of town for a few days. We are currently leaning towards Toronto. Torontonians, where do I HAVE to go?

Sell 10 things. Craigslist, eBay, whatever. Just get rid of stuff.

Inquire about at least three freelance projects. If you guys know of anyone hiring, let me know. I’m looking outside of PF to broaden my range a bit.

Have an amazing 24th birthday! Speaking of, does anyone know of any songs that mention the age of 24 in them? Also, send me cake.

How was your May and what are you hoping to accomplish in June?

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