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March 2014 Recap & April 2014 Goals

How is the first quarter of the year over already? Holy crap!


March was a month of hustling. Our income is back up to normal levels and we’ve both been crazy busy working. Because of this, April should be a pretty decent month financially.

If you remember last month’s update, I got a little cocky about cooking. Yeah, it turns out I’m not nearly as disciplined when I’m this busy and we ate out A LOT this month. If we weren’t eating out, we were making quick, unhealthy foods in the house. Pizza, spaghetti, and hot dogs — it’s a 5 year old’s dream! Anyways, this eating out has carried into April and I definitely need to take a couple of hours to make some freezable food for quick and healthy meals.

Y’all know I sold the car. What you may not know is that the original day I was supposed to sign the paperwork, I woke up to a smashed window. The P.O.S. stole a freebie bag my husband got from work. Really, douche bag? Oh well, obviously we got it fixed and now we don’t have to worry about stuff like that anymore.

After a few weeks of struggling to find balance, I’ve made a point of taking a full day off per week (coinciding with one of Steve’s days off). Yes, I enjoy my work, but I don’t like anything enough to do it seven days a week. [Insert one of many possible dirty jokes here]

Our typical day off consists of eating out for every meal, going to the bar in the middle of the day to watch a soccer game (each one described as “the most important game of the year” by Steve), binging on Netflix (we just started watching Breaking Bad!), and enjoying adult beverages. Super productive, as always…


Between replacing the smashed window and all four tires of the car (long story — three of our tires matched, the other one didn’t, but the ones that matched aren’t sold in the PNW, yadda yadda), we had to fork up over $600 on a vehicle we were getting rid of. Fun shit.

We saved up the rest of the amount needed to pay our taxes, which is right around $2,200, and put $500 in the emergency fund. It was not a cheap month.

Oh yeah, remember how there was stuff missing out of my suitcase when I got back from Jordan? American Airlines reimbursed me the entire claim amount ($390) without a fight! So I will happily continue to fly with them.

Our debt payments were an itty bitty $500 this month. Sadness.

25 BEFORE 25

13 completed, 5 in progress, 1 early fail, and 6 not yet started. 2 months to go!


We tried three new Portland restaurants this month, each of them delicious!

Oven & Shaker — We hit up Oven & Shaker on the recommendation of Kathleen’s fiancee. OMGood. We went for happy hour and enjoyed whatever beer was on special (Portland doesn’t make bad beer), Nostrana salad, and a Salami pizza. The pizza had honey on it, which is surprisingly amazeballs.

Blue Star Donuts — So you may have heard of Voodoo Donuts, which is Portland’s super popular donut place. I’m here to tell you — it’s totally overrated and only popular because it’s open 24/7 and has donuts like the Cock-n-Balls. Blue Star is where it’s at! I had the Spiked Apple Fritter. Om nom nom! Basically, they just make whatever donuts they want to make each morning and they close when they run out. Dig it.

Killer Burger — Every burger at Killer Burger has bacon on it. Bacon is life. I mean, what else is there to say? Oh yeah, go for crazy hour, it’s cheaper. Nom.


Increase net worth by $2,083.33 in order to reach an annual goal of a net worth increase of $25,000. PASS! ON TRACK! Even after a slow beginning of the year, and even a net worth decrease in January, the car sale put us back on track! We increased our net worth by $10,902.98 in March. For the year, we’re up $7,839.95 (told you our net worth decreased in January!) and we need to average $1,906.67/month to reach our goal. Even so, I’m leaving it at $2,083.33/month for consistency’s sake.

Read 3 books (at least 1 non-fiction) in order to reach an annual goal of reading 36 books (at least 12 non-fiction). FAIL! OFF TRACK! I didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted to this month. I finished just one book — The Dinner, which was written very well but was pretty weird overall. I expected more twists and turns — it wasn’t as “shocking” as it was supposed to be. I’m currently reading Americanah, which is really good so far! If you also enjoy reading about race and culture, you should definitely check it out.

Walk an average of 10,000 steps per day in order to reach my goal of not sitting on my ass too much. I definitely lost my FitBit this month, so this is no longer a goal.


Increase net worth by $2,083.33 in order to reach an annual goal of a net worth increase of $25,000. Hmm, I really can’t predict how we’ll do with this goal for April. After a really pricey March, we’ll see how it goes.

Read 3 books (at least 1 non-fiction) in order to reach an annual goal of reading 36 books (at least 12 non-fiction). To pass and be on track, I’d have to read 4 fiction and 2 non-fiction books.

Let’s make April awesome! How was your March?

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