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The Little Things Add Up

Whenever we talk budgeting, we inevitably go over this fact: you’d be surprised by how the little things add up, and those are the things you need to watch the most. Having a takeout coffee once or twice, going out to lunch a couple times last week, and forgetting your sunglasses at home and having to replace them (even with a cheap pair) adds up! Typically when we think of the little things that add up, we think of those that are working against us.

But what about the little things that add up that can work for you? Saving your change in a jar, setting up your bank account to deposit $5 a week into a separate savings, or rolling over a few cents into your savings account to reach the nearest dollar for each debit transaction you complete. There are ways to let the little things add up for you that don’t require any work on your part, including some free online tools that can actually help you earn some money without changing your daily computer habits.

Introducing Qmee!

Qmee is a free search-loyalty, cash-reward browser app you can install easily into any major browser. The app rewards you with actual cash micropayments for clicking on search results you otherwise would click on for no reward. Essentially anytime you do a search using a browser such as Google or Yahoo, if Qmee has relevant results to your search, the app pulls up these results and they will appear on your screen in addition to the results you would normally see.

Have you ever heard of apps like Swagbucks? Well, the thing we like best about Qmee (when compared to other reward based search apps) is that each click on a Qmee search result that matches what you’re looking for will earn you between 4 and 14 cents and the payments are made in actual currency to your PayPal account. How cool is that?! A typical user will collect about $5 per month. That’s $60 of free money per year just for doing what you usually do!

We all know how a little extra change here and there can add up, and why not take what’s yours if you’re going to be searching anyway? In addition to the cash you collect through searching, Qmee will reward you with $1 in your piggybank for every referral you send when that person becomes a Qmee user.

To learn more about Qmee watch this video, or visit Qmee’s website to try it for yourself and start earning cash rewards today. I don’t know about you, but free cash sounds pretty darn good to me! 🙂

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