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Labor Day: Relaxing or Laboring?

Happy Monday/Tuesday! I don’t know about you all, but it was nice to have a 3 day weekend away from my FT job, so thanks for that Labor Day!

Unfortunately, my weekend was not actually spent celebrating with a long, luxurious bubble bath. Though I kind of wish it was, but with modern technology 🙂

Anyhow, prior to dedicating all of myself, including all of my money and spare time, to making more money and getting out of debt sooner rather than later, I probably would’ve used this holiday weekend in one of two ways like most Americans: shopping for “good deals” at Labor Day sales and acquiring more stuff I don’t actually need, or drinking beer and grilling something not entirely healthy.

Alas, now that I’m older, wiser, and trying to hustle my way out of debt, I spent most of my Labor Day weekend laboring (aka: working).

Friday evening was spent catching up on some much-needed sleep. Then because I went to be so early on Friday night, like 9 pm, I decided to sleep in until 10 am Saturday. Whoops! After I finally woke up sans alarm, I worked on stuff around my house that I’d been neglecting all week before heading in to my PT job Saturday afternoon and evening.

Sunday, I decided to be a good girl and I set my alarm for 8:30 so I’d still get some sleeping in time, but I could also get up early enough to get some work done. I finished all of my neglected household tasks, spent a bit of time vegging in front of the TV, and then spent the evening with my family.

Due to my not-entirely productive Saturday and Sunday, Monday was my craziest day of the weekend. I had lots of things to do before starting the work week at my FT job, like completing some freelance tasks, cleaning the office building in which I work for my FT job, mowing my lawn, and lots of Paleo food prep for my challenge that started today.

Lest you start to think my whole weekend was spent laboring, I did get to spend a bit of time here and there relaxing in front of the TV or watching my eyelids, which is something I actually enjoy.

I’m also glad that my priorities have changed. No longer do I feel the need to do cliché things for each holiday weekend. Yes, I still take part in some “traditions”, but I don’t feel the need to give in to huge consumerism traps, like holiday “sales”. Instead, I spent most of my holiday weekend being productive and working toward my life’s goals, plus I got double paid on Monday (holiday pay from my FT job, plus I earned some money for my freelancing jobs too). Who can complain about that?

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Did you give in to holiday traditions and consumerism traps, or did  you spend your holiday in a more productive way to help you reach your life’s goals? Tell me all about it below!

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